A Whole Lot of Purple Going On

May 16, 2011 3 Comments

Irises prefer to be moved in the fall.  The irises I needed to move last spring apparently didn’t suffer.

Happy flowers. These irises came to us through our friend Bill. They are shorter than the Bearded Iris, but I don't think they are Miniature Iris. They are probably considered Dwarf Iris. Since Bill got them from someone else, we don't know what kind they are. But they are certainly beautiful.

The creeping phlox are looking good, too.

These irises are closer to the house, but seem to have taken well to being moved. I may have to divide them again!

One of them decided to do its own thing and have a white stripe on the petal.

This batch of irises had me worried a bit last fall. I thought it was getting too wet, but apparently their feet stayed dry enough.

We also have a few other items still blooming or beginning to bloom:

These tulips are hanging on a few days past the others.

The Fern Peonies are starting their show. They look terrific!

This is why Dwayne says I should never go to the nursery. I found a black petunia. I had to have it. It is very velvety. I matched it with some orange weeping flowers that I can not remember the name of. I'll try to figure it out and let you know. This should look great when they fill out. All we need is some warmer weather. Oh, right. That's my department!


Dig it!

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  1. JK says:

    LOVE the black petunia! How awesome they would look with red! WOW:-)

  2. JK says:

    Yea! I got the black petunia and a black one with yellow, they are just great!

  3. toni hull says:

    I work in a greenhouse & one of our combo pots included the black beauty & the phantom ( black with yellow stripes) it was a great way for an Iowa Hawkeye fan to show off their team support!!

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