The Youth Garden Takes a Hit

July 14, 2011 1 Comment

The storm took most of the mature trees in Vinton on Monday. That includes the trees around the Garden.  The following photos are in the order I took them:

Some of the debris may be from surrounding properties, but the pine stuff on the left of the image is Garden. And it is sitting on at least one of the beds.

There used to be three beautiful pine trees here. Now there is 2/3 of one.

There are four raised beds on this side of the garden. One looks unscathed. One has flattened tomatoes. Two have a pine tree on them.

Oh, the humanity! Downed tomatoes. I managed to get most of them back up. Hopefully, that will be enough.

The scarecrow lost its hat. If you look closely, the post is still in the ground... and attached to the scarecrow.

This bed holds the herbs. To the right is a tomato bed. On the left, that board debris is what is left of a nice bench someone made for us last year. Hopefully it can be repaired.

This was a beautiful maple across the street. One of the ladies living there said a few branches landed on the roof, but otherwise the buildings are sound.

The sign stayed up. And it looks like the tree on the right side of the photo made it through. The maple on the left lost a lot of branches and you can see the bent posts in the raised beds.

I think the peppers will be okay. Not sure about the broccoli, though.

The tree at the far end of the lot dropped it's top onto the power lines. We dragged a few limbs from near the fence over to the far lot. No powerlines were approached, so we weren't in any danger.

This part of the neighbor's tree took out some of their fence. The dogs (scotties) are okay. They were out making sure we were doing our jobs correctly. Underneath the largest branch are some raspberry bushes we just planted. We managed to uncover a couple more, but I think we may have lost two or three.

This is our water tank. It was moved away from the tree and limbs dropped on it. It didn't appear to have been cracked or busted, but I didn't look too closely. I'll check that later.

Amazingly, the apple trees came out pretty good. Sarah said she stopped by on Monday and a couple were leaning, but when she straightened them up, they stayed put.

I am worried about the apple tree on the left. It is close to the debris pile and I am worried that whoever comes to pick up the debris may not see it. I didn't have anything large and bright to tie around it.

These are the tomatoes I am not sure will survive. The one on the right looks like it might actually survive if they get the tree off of it soon. I won't pester the city, though, since they have plenty to do.

This tomato cage is crushed between the upright post and the tree. I guess it will have to wait until the tree is removed

You don't even know where to start

What is left of the northern pine tree. I wonder if we can get a chainsaw artist to make a cornstalk....

This is the homemade bench. Hopefully it can be repaired.

Mother Nature does provide beauty in destruction.The bark being split from the rest of the top of the pine

This is really beautiful. Too bad it is at the expense of the life of the pine.

Despite the dead lower branches, this was a healthy tree. It is sad to see it on the ground.

A sad sight.

Of these three pine bases, only one will probably be left standing.

The pink flamingo welcoming everyone to the Gardens is MIA. If anyone finds it, his mate would be happy to see him again. The branches on the right are from trees across the street, along with the ones we dragged their from the Garden.

The poor wren house did not fare very well, although when I went to put the wire back on the rear of the house, Momma wren flew out. That gives me hope for the little 'uns.

The fabric blew off in a previous storm. This wind twisted the frame. It probably would have ended up a few blocks away if it weren't for a couple of bolts in the cement.

Dig it!

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  1. KLD says:

    How sad to see all your efforts twisted up and blown away! I guess it’s just another part of gardening though. I think you have a great idea of getting someone to make scupltures out of the tree stumps.

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