Youth Garden Update 7-29-11

July 29, 2011 1 Comment

The State provided cleanup help to Vinton in the form of some Anamosa State Prisoners. Last Friday and again on Monday, they were helping at the Youth Garden.  They took the brush that was about 6″ in diameter and smaller and fed it into a chipper. 

Martha, our Super Helper, is on the left. She isn't part of the Anamosa Prison contingent, as far as I know....


This is a brand new chipper that Vermeer sent to Vinton. I'm a little unclear as to whether the State or the company brought it in, but it was working overtime all over town.

The view is a lot better than last week…


Just a few days ago, you couldn't see the building across the street.

The apple trees are still standing. But the tree across the street had to come down.It used to be a lot harder to see across the street. There was a large maple tree on our side and a large locust on the other.

One of the two new mulch piles we have from the storm debris.


Al, from the Parks Department, used a skid loader to move a bunch of that mulch to between the beds. That should help cutdown on the weeds.

The tomatoes are even starting to ripen, and they don't look the worst for wear. Some of the plants have large fruit. I can't wait for the kids to try them!


This is the bed that had the pine top on it. The oregano and chives made it through. And there is some kohlrabi that survived.

 The Garden is starting to look like we can get (somewhat) back to normal.  Lori, Martha and I were at the Garden today spreading the mulch around and weeding. Martha is already looking forward to when the kids can take the extra produce to the Farmers’ Market!

Dig it!

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