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September 19, 2011 2 Comments

A couple of months ago when it was so hot and dry, I headed out to the garden to do some weeding.  While the dry weather kept the weeds from growing like, well, weeds, it also made the ground as hard as cement. It was certainly interesting.  Since I was working so hard in the heat and humidity, I made sure to take plenty of breaks to cool down and drink water.   On one of the breaks I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of pictures.  I really like the macro feature on the camera.  Now I just need to have the patience to line up the shot and get that really fantastic photo.  A tripod would help, too.  These are photos from before the derecho went through Garrison, Vinton and Urbana in July.

The black petunia. It is still pretty cool. A couple even have yellow stripes, which I didn't really care for (Go 'Clones!), but they weren't blooming when I had the camera.

I think I am going to frame some of these to put on a blue wall in our house. It should look pretty cool!

Here's what the previous one looks like when I show the whole flower.

The guillardia are especially nice this year. Apparently, if you ignore it, it grows. Huh.

One of my very pretty lilies. My "lily lady" Eleanor could tell me what this is off the top of her head, but I will have to hunt down the tag and notes.

One of the asters that is already blooming. I think this is the Stokes Aster. I really like this flower.

One of my $1-get-em-before-we-toss-em specials a couple of years ago. This is a fleabane.

This is an asiatic lily that I got a year or so ago.

One of my clematis. It is hanging with the grapevine that the japanese beetles are now munching on. Hopefully they don't like clematis.

A yucca flower. We planted these a couple of years ago but this is the first year they bloomed.

This looked good before the derecho blew through.

The monarda looked great. The Joe Pye Weed got knocked down in "The Big Wind".

Pope John Paul II clematis

I don't remember the name of this one, but I love the color.

Two of my four clematis are on the same structure.

The moonbean coreopsis did well this year.

A closeup of the Moonbeam coreopsis flower.

My yellow lilyThe stamen. This is the part of the flower that leaves behind the lovely yellow pollen on my clothes when I brush past. I think the bees do a better job of the actual pollinating.


Guairdilla, or Blanket Flower. We gave up on these a couple of years ago and this year they look terrific.

 That’s all the photos the blog will let me add, so I’ll do the rest on another one…. 

Dig it!

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  1. Janet Pottebaum says:

    Beautiful makes me want summer to last longer.

  2. Marianne Folkerts says:

    love the pictures–thanks for sharing

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