Orchid Update 2-21-2012

February 21, 2012 1 Comment

The orchid is still doing well in my cat-filled house.  The boys haven’t found it yet, and when I add the ice cubes or refresh the “humidity” water, I shut the door to the room so they can’t see what I am doing.


I had asked for suggestions for a name for her and I received a lot of terrific names….

Liddie, Lily/Lilly/Miss Lilly, Olivia, rose, Catfree, Serenity, Susie Q, Grace, Lovely/Ms. Lovely, Clementine, O’hanna, Orcha/Orkie, Zen, Karma, Phil, O Beautiful/Beautiful, Angelwings, Angel, Erma the Orchid, Ma-Belle (my beautiful), Sunshine, Oscar Orchid, Bert, Weatherette, Touchdown, Peace, Blush, Cloud Nine, Teacher, Seymore and, from our Administrative Assistant, Sandy, Flutterby.


I loved them all, but Mom suggested Patricia… and since Dad’s name was Pat, I think I will go with that.


Patricia has some buds on her and the other day, one of them opened up.

Another one should be open today or tomorrow and there are a couple of others that should bloom soon!


I hope that I can be a good “mom” to the orchid, but the real test will be when the blooms are done.  Since I have never had an orchid before I will be going off of the good advice of viewers… and the help of The Eastern Iowa Orchid Society that I discovered this past weekend.  Of course, there is all sorts of advice in books and on the Internet, so I think I (and Patricia) will be okay!

Dig it!

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  1. JS says:

    It’s very pretty!
    Keep us posted on it’s beautiful life!

    I’m laughing baout you shutting the door so the boys don’t see what your doing! And I thought we did strange things at our house with our dogs!
    We must all be “normal”!

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