But the Calendar Doesn’t Say Spring, Yet…..

March 18, 2012 4 Comments

Mother Nature is being kind to us this year, although I keep thinking she is just waiting to spring Winter on us.  At least at this point, it won’t last too long if it does show up!


I decided to get some stuff done with the plants, mainly the potted plants, last Monday.  They have been sitting in the garage all winter, and with temperatures expected in the 70s, it would just be cruel to keep them bundled up and hidden away.


I unwrapped them and there was already, or still, green on the plants.

(notice the Minnesota Vikings can at the top of the picture?  My husband, a Bears Fan, said he was a die-hard Vikings Fan during the Purple People Eater’s era)

The mums are already feeling the Spring fever!

Some of the other plants look good to start Spring, too!

Most of the herbs look like they made it through… the oregano doesn’t look the best, but the purple sage, rosemary and thyme look pretty good.

The succulents in the boots are ready for some sun.

And the Hen and chicks made it through, too.


I dragged most of them to the back patio so they can green up a little more and I can make sure they will actually survive.

I slung out, then folded, the blankets and towels that I used to wrap all the plants.  Then I swept out the garage and watered the potted plants.


That didn’t take long and it was still way too nice to head inside.  Sooooo…. I went to the bed surrounding our Mountain Ash and started clearing out the leaves that had collected there, including around the irises.  It was pretty damp under the leaves, so I am glad I cleared the leaves out before the iris rhizomes started to rot.

Our Sven and Sigrid roses did not get covered for the winter.  No protection whatsoever, at least from me.  And they look pretty good!

As a matter of fact, Sigrid already has some growth on her!

While cleaning out the old leaves, I came across a few areas that had some ladybugs.  Not the orange Asian beetles that bite, but the red ones that I want to stick around.  There are a lot of varieties of ladybugs, but I will be happy to have the red ones in my garden.

I told them they could eat all the aphids they want!

The sedum is pushing up rapidly, so I cut off last year’s growth.

A lot of stuff is shooting up with this heat, so I have a lot more to do this afternoon!

Dig it!



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  1. Paul Anhalt says:

    I’ve been told to wait as long as possible to trim off dead stuff from roses in the spring. This year there’s hardly any damage from the winter. I wonder if I should trim it at all. Some of the branches are 3-4 feet long. My baby rose is the same way (not 3-4 feet tall, but mostly alive).

    • Eileen Loan says:

      Paul, I plan on only cutting off the dead branches. If you want the plant to bush out a bit more, you may want to do some trimming, but I want mine to go upright on the south side of our house. That way it avoids our other plants there. My other roses seem to be doing well, so I am only going to trim out the dead stuff.

  2. JS says:

    And I hope the snow is done!
    Do you think it will do much harm to our plants which have decided to take a peek out if we do get snow?
    I have this fear of loosing my entire garden to a April snow storm!

    • Eileen Loan says:

      If we get anything, you want enough snow to cover the plants. The snow will be insulating and keep the coldest air from hurting the plant. There would be some “frostbite”, but it would only be cosmetic. The roots would be protected. I am ready to cover as much of my stuff as possible if I forecast a really cold night!

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