Youth Garden Update June 6, 2012

June 6, 2012 3 Comments

The Vinton Youth Garden is in full swing!  We got an early start with radishes, lettuce and spinach.  There are still a few radishes hiding out….

…and some lettuce hasn’t completely bolted, but it is on its way…

The kids have been busy planting all sorts of vegetables….

Peanuts.. that the rabbits have figured how to get to, despite the netting




… the kids are also trying potatoes in a tub (planted later)…

….bush beans…

…onions (near), garlic (far) and oregano (farthest)… the space is where lettuce used to be…

….pole beans….these are going to climb last year’s remains of the giant cornstalks we got from Our Iowa magazine…



….peppers… these include bell and jalapeno…

…I think these are cabbages…

….tomatoes…  33 of them at last count…. we are using black plastic sheeting for weed control around the plants…

….and several mounds of squash and zucchini, gourds, watermelon and pumpkins….


I have been busy putting flowers in the ground in our “hosta bed”.  The problem with the hosta bed is that there is very little shade for the hostas since last year’s wind storm took out two of the trees.


There are now some black-eyed susans, coneflowers, obedient plant, irises, daylilies and carnations among the hostas. Along with the weeds….


We planted some cannas around some of them to see if the cannas would provide enough shade for the hostas.  With the warm weather this year, it is a race to see if the cannas can grow fast enough to shade the hostas before it gets too hot for them to handle.

The Vinton Streets Department is working hard at taking out the old sidewalk and putting in a new, smoother one….

There is still plenty to get done on our almost half a city block of paradise (in progress).  The To-Do list includes:

We have to move this plot of peonies in a few months….

….there are some tulips out in the middle of the lot that need to be dug up and moved to a safer spot….

….put tomato cages on the plants…

….place railroad ties in place so we can plant strawberries in the bed….

…fix or replace the pergola so we can put in trumpet vine or other vine to provide shade for us and shelter for the birds…

…move the mulch from the piles to the hosta beds…the mulch is from the wind storm remnants in town…

…and then there is the lot where I plan on putting in the Monarch Way Station.

We will be putting in coneflowers, monarda (bee balm), butterfly weed, milkweed and joe pye weed.  I would also like to get a few trees, including birch, that are host plants for all types of butterflies.  Along with putting some walkways in for people to wander through the lot.

And there is always weeding.  You are welcome to help out.  We meet at 2:30 on Mondays until school starts up again (then we meet at 3:30 through the growing season).  Come on out, meet the kids, help pull some weeds and I’ll even let you take home a hosta!


Dig it!




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  1. Yvonne Heurer says:

    I admire you and your kids for all the hard work on your gardens! Now, how are you keeping the rabbits out? They are eating anything and everything in my garden! Especially my hosta.

    • Eileen Loan says:

      Yvonne, we have a lot of netting and chicken wire. I have more chicken wire to put around the beans next week, although Mother Nature may actually provide some storms and delay the procedure. You can also use human or pet hair or blood meal. The hair can blow away or be taken by birds and the blood meal will eventually break down as a fertilizer, so both have to be reapplied, but they both seem to work. Good luck!

  2. Ramona says:

    Good Morning Eileen,

    I see you are wearing a new blouse. With your skin and hair color a purple suit or light weight lavender sweater would really brighten you up.
    Have a great day!

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