It’s Too Hot to Weed…

July 9, 2012 2 Comments

Not that there are any weeds growing.  Unless I am watering them, they aren’t gaining much ground in the garden.  It was way too hot to get out into the garden last week, but Dwayne and I finally got out there yesterday afternoon.  It was warm and muggy, but at least we managed to get some stuff done before we got heat stroke!


The garlic was ready to pull.  Last year we dug them up, I cleaned off the dirt, cut off the roots, tied them together and then hung them in our basement. Since then, I read that they should be laid out to dry for two weeks before I tie them up.  So we made a couple drying racks to dry the 83 heads of garlic.

We used four two by fours we had around the house and some wire Dwayne got at the hardware store. The stapler worked well enough to attach the wire to the wood without too much cussing.

We also put stakes on the peppers that didn’t have them (the still needed watering here)…

…and added some stakes to tomatoes that needed more.  Some of the Early Girls are starting to turn color.  Louie, our tomato-eating cat, will have a homegrown snack soon!

The daisies got a haircut to clean them up and, hopefully, produce the next round of blooms.  I saw one bud all ready to go.

Dwayne finished adding the edge to our “hill”.  He found different colors of rocks in different places.

The Japanese beetles sure had a good time in Urbana this year.  Everyone was saying they were worse this year than last.  A friend of ours in Cedar Rapids said that she didn’t think they were as bad this year in her yard.  They must have headed north.  They certainly took a toll on the vegetation in our yard.


The cherry tree took a hit.  Dwayne keeps complaining that it’s dead (which it isn’t) but…

…it looks a lot better than the serviceberry.

The serviceberry is one of the Japanese beetles favorite foods.  They also love linden trees, raspberry bushes, grape vines and roses.  There are still some green leaves on the bottom of the serviceberry.  I hope that is enough to keep the plant alive.  I also hope it is able to put out some new leaves now that the bulk of the beetles seem to have died or moved off.

We still have some, though.

While they love the rose bushes, the plants are already putting out new growth.

Japanese beetles like to eat over 400 different types of plants.  I haven’t seen any on my lilies this year, but they are suffering in the heat.  And then I went and bought two more that Dwayne planted last week in the heat.  (Thanks, honey!)

The yellow asiatic lilies in the front bed don’t seem to be affected, either.

Nore do the mums.

These two probably need to be separated to spread the yellow around!

While wandering around the yard I did find a surprise among Bill’s roses.

It is probably loving the extra shade the roses gave it.  At least until the Japanese beetles ate the leaves off the rose stems.

Hopefully, now that we’ve “cooled” into the upper 80s, we will be able to get more done outside.  At least the heat is good for the tomatoes.  Louie is counting on it!

Dig it!

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  1. Mona says:

    Eileen can they do cloud seeding to get us rain?

  2. Beth G says:

    Eileen, we still haven’t had the Japanese Beetles in our garden this year. It is so nice to look out and see the blackberries without all of the skeletonized leaves like the past few years. I hope your plants come back from the devistation of the beetles.

    On a good note, I have buds opening up on the black-eyed susans. Yeah! The leaves on the lilies have taken a hit but I continue to water twice a day. AND, I’ll start picking blackberries tomorrow morning. Blackberry jam, blackberry cobbler . . . . . . this could just be what heaven is made of. 🙂

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