Tomato Time

July 30, 2012 4 Comments

‘Tis the season for ripe tomatoes.   Normal people can even take tomatoes that are not quite ripe and leave them on the counter to finish the process.  We, apparently, are not normal people. (Insert comment here)


We are not permitted to leave tomatoes on our counter to ripen because we have a Louie.  “What is a Louie?” you ask.

THIS is a Louie…

Louie loves tomatoes.  We are pretty sure he loves them more than catnip.  Our first controlled experiment (putting a bowl with tomato next to a bowl with catnip) proved it, but we will be attempting this experiment many more times to make sure of the accuracy.

When we leave tomatoes on the counter and turn our backs or leave the room, this is what happens….

The first time we found out about this obsession with tomatoes, we had three romas on the counter to ripen.  I came back into the kitchen the next morning and there were only two tomatoes left.  Only the stem of the third remained to let us know there had even BEEN a third.  No skin, no guts, no nothin’!

The boy is insane.  Since we don’t put our uncut tomatoes in the fridge and we don’t want to leave them outside, we had to find a safe place to put them.

Behold!  The Tomato Safe!

To you it may look like a microwave, and, yes, it can be used as such in an emergency.  But to us, it keeps the tomatoes safely out of Louie’s paws (and mouth).

Louie gets plenty of lycopene, though.  We give him little chunks of tomato.

This is part of the tomato he already laid claim to….

I don’t let him eat too much and he hasn’t had any adverse reactions.

Louie can sure get insistent, though, whenever we go into the kitchen.  And he knows when we come home with any sort of tomatoes.  One of our neighbors had given us some cherry tomatoes in a non-see-through, plastic bag.  Louie knew the second I walked in the door that there were tomatoes.  I am always amazed.

Louie sure loves his Solanum lycopersicum fruit!  He’ll also munch on green bell peppers, too.  He’s not too keen on the red ones.  But at least he is eating his vegetables.

That boy ain’t right….

Dig it!



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  1. JS says:

    Love it!
    My cat use to love tomatoe soup, right out of the can.

  2. Marianne Folkerts says:

    WE had a dog that would pick tomatoes off the vine to eat. Caught her at it or I would have gone crazy trying to figure out what happened to the tomatoes that were almost ready to eat.

  3. Terri says:

    This is so cute.. I love the microwave vault 😉
    My little Maltese loves watermelon and green peppers.

  4. Christy says:

    The microwave is our ‘bread’ ‘buns’ & ‘pastry’ safe. Out cats seems to enjoy the challenge of tearing open the plastic and taking nibbles off of each piece in the package. This week I came home to find a blueberry doughnut on the floor with little bits taken out all the way around.

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