Vinton Youth Garden Update July 9, 2012

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A year and a few days ago, Lori, one of our volunteers, and I were discussing how great the garden looked. A few days later, 110 mile per hour winds blew through town.  Needless to say, we have agreed not to mention how nice the garden looks this year.  I’ll let you decide….

The west veggie bed has tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon and gourds

The raspberries ended up below part of the neighbors tree.  It didn’t even phase them….

The vining plants are doing well, but I have no idea which ones are the zucchini and which one are the pumpkins.  There are some watermelons and gourds in here, too.

Oh… and then the extra tomatoes… We should have plenty!

We planted popcorn again, although it got in a little later than last year.

Here is a shot of the mulch that I sweated half of my body weight helping to move….

…and, no, it didn’t stay off.

The eggplant…

Martha and the kids did the planting while I stayed out of the way and pulled weeds, so I don’t know what this is.  I think it’s cucumber…

These, I know… pole beans growing on last years’ Our Iowa magazine’s tall corn contest stalk.

Brussel sprouts…yum!

They are a little bug-bit, they should be pretty tasty….

The broccoli is already bolted…

The peppers are coming along nicely…

The cabbage leaves are getting huge!

I’ll guess pumpkin….

We have two different “beds” of potatoes.  One in the raised bed…

…and some in a container…


The kids learned that they need to pull off the flower-head to promote the growth of the basil plant.  It will make it more bushy.

I was told this batch of parsley had a swallowtail caterpillar on it a couple of weeks ago.

This bed has bush beans along with a rogue tomato plant.  It is growing from seeds from last year’s tomatoes. This bed had been under the top of one of the pines for a couple of weeks.


The peanuts got eaten down and they don’t look like they are coming back.  Although the pigweed looks like it is enjoying the soil.

After the peas were finished, Martha and the kids planted some Dragon tongue beans.

They were given to us by an AmeriCorp volunteer at the beginning of the year.  Melissa is spending much of the summer helping out in Southern Iowa.


The flowerbeds… the hostas need shade, so we planted some cannas around some as an experiment:

Not sure it is working against the heat, though.

Small mum already blooming.

The peonies are keeping our flamingo company.  His companion took off in last year’s wind storm.  We have yet to get a postcard…

The City put in the faucet this year!  It has been fantastic being able to put on a sprinkler instead of hauling five gallon buckets over half a block.

There is always the weeding to do.  The picnic table area had some unwanted trees growing.

I left the coneflowers….

…and the toad lilies…

It looks a LOT better now, although we still need to straighten out the frame.

We have a “friend” living in the yard, too.  A groundhog hole appeared within the last couple of weeks.  A live trap will hopefully work to relocate him.

The apple trees are small, but still alive!

…and we even have a couple of apples!

We are using this…. keep the weeds down here….

That’s Phil in the above photo…. He is a huge help with the weeding.

Lori, Nash and Martha planted Cilantro

Of course, then you have to water.  Check out Nash’s solution to getting water in the sprinkler can….

…Lori moved in to cut off the sprinkler and help him fill the can.

Cali and Carol (mom to Cali and Nash) are taking a break.  I’m sure they are talking up the garden.  Maybe they’re trying to get more volunteers to help weed!

We meet Monday afternoons (2:30 when school’s out, 3:30 during the school year) and it has been mighty hot this year. I make sure I have the most important “tool” for the garden filled in my truck every week.

The Benton County Fair is coming up in a couple of weeks and the kids are going to submit a plate of five vegetables in the Open category.  It will be submitted on Wednesday, the 25th and the Fair goes through Sunday, the 29th.  Come out and check their entry.  And while you’re in town, swing on by the Garden and check out their hard work.  Feel free to take a complimentary weed home with you, too!


Dig it!


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  1. Mike Weinard says:

    Nice job, Eileen, and your volunteers. It all looks very good despite the lack of rain this year. I’m sure the community of Vinton appreciates it.

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