Youth Garden update September 20, 2012

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The Garden is starting to wind down.  We met on Monday and I was worried the cold, rainy wind would keep the meeting short.  I planned on making sure the kids picked what needed picked and then get the heck out of there and back to the warmth of home.  It turns out, Mother Nature was kind to us.  The sun came out and the wind wasn’t quite as cold.  While I pulled weeds….

The kids were busy harvesting.

They picked quite a few tomatoes.

The watermelon is still producing.

The pumpkins are looking great this year.  This one is hiding, but huge.

An even bigger one is waiting for Halloween.  The pie pumpkins are keeping it company.

We have planted loofa, the stuff that you can use in the bath, the last couple of years, but this year we finally have some!

Martha is going to look at her notes and see when we can pick them to dry them out.

Once the kids had all the veggies harvested, Martha had them stringing beans…

I think they are hoping to dry out the beans completely and then plant them next year.

Before everyone else got to the Garden, I was busy planting some lilies and one new hosta.  One of my neighbors was changing up her yard and was going to get rid of them.  I put some of the lilies at the “Welcome to Urbana” sign in town, but put the rest into our flower bed.  The bed is looking pretty good.  The mums and sedum are blooming and we still have some hosta flowers.  The cannas are still going strong, too.

Hopefully it will all make it through the Sunday morning cool snap!

Dig it!

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