Youth Garden- Winter Version

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The Vinton Youth Garden is pretty much done for the year.  We have cleaned everything up, but there is still some lettuce enjoying the cold weather.  It is covered, but I’m sure they would prefer it a few degrees warmer!


To keep the kids interested in gardening over the winter, I have planned a few events.  We will  meet once a month at the Benton County Extension office to do a project.  Next month we will be painting clay flowerpots, in January we will plant some tulip or daffodil bulbs in them (they are chilling in my fridge as you read), and in February we will meet to pick what the kids want to plant next year.  And, either in January or February, we will have a popcorn party with the popcorn the kids grew and picked.  They will get to shuck it and rub it off the cob and then pop it themselves.  It is sure to be a great time.


This month, we met to make cards.  The kids could do thank yous, Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas or whatever kind of cards they wanted.  I had a bunch of scrapbooking stuff for them to use, although it was very hard to find vegetable rubber stamps at the local hobby stores.  I’ll start looking sooner next year!


They had a great time.  I had gotten white and off-white notecards and envelopes in two different sizes and 12 in a package.  I think between the five kids they used most of two of the packages!

Lauren and Olivia….

Striking a pose….

Millie stamping away…

Nash was helping with the glitter glue…

Lauren, Olivia and Cali are working away….

Cali knows what she wants to do…

Nash getting into things with the glitter glue….

The finished products… drying since glitter glue was the main ingredient!

My mega-helper, Martha, had the kids write out what they liked and didn’t like about the Garden this year, and what they wanted more of next year.  She is going to use the “good” for a flyer to hand out to get more kids interested.  I think the “bad” is to help us to help the kids next year!

She also brought along the loufa we had grown so the kids could peel it.

She had some in water so the kids could see how it became a sponge.

It was pretty darn cool!

We had some visitors at the beginning of the “meeting” from Buchanan county.  Joe, Jess and Roxanne stopped by to see how our Garden grew.  Roxanne is the Extension Administrator for Buchanan county, Jess is the Food Service Director at one of the Elementary Schools in Independence and Joe is the “Super Volunteer Extraordinaire”.  They came down to check out the layout of the garden and see if they could steal some ideas for their gardens in Independence.

Joe had a good time peeling some of the loufa.  He took some of the seeds, too, to grow in our northern neighbor’s gardens.

A rousing success and I can’t wait to see what they do with the flowerpots!

Dig it!

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