Chinese Miniature Rose

June 12, 2013 0 Comments

A few years ago, I hit the pop up nursery at exactly the right time.  Well, Dwayne won’t think so, since I brought home about a hundred plants for only about $50.  Most were annuals and some were perennials.  If they lived, great.  If they didn’t, they were only a buck (or less).

One of those buck plants was a Chinese Miniature Rose.  It was in a four inch pot and was only about five inches tall.  It’s grown a little since then…

Miniature chinese rose

It is just as tall as my Minnesota rose, Sven, although Sven keeps getting eaten down by the rabbits in winter.  Apparently he is much tastier than the Chinese rose.

Two years ago I noticed that my pink Chinese Miniature rose had some white flowers in it.  And not only white flowers, but double white blooms in my single pink blooming roses.

Chinese rose

They came back last year and they are there again this year.  I would guess that the graft was the pink one but the parent plant is the white.  And, apparently, viable!

Chinese miniature rose

They smell nice, too!

A nice investment for my one dollar, wouldn’t you say?

Dig it!

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