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May 28, 2014 4 Comments

After the looooooonnnnnnnggggg Winter we just made it through, I am happy to finally see colors (other than brown) in my garden!

Bill’s irises survived being moved and shoved in the ground late last fall.  They are shorter than usual, but they are still beautiful!

Garden May 2014 d 034

Timmy, our one-eyed metal cat, keeps an eye out on the corner.

Garden May 2014 d 035

We planted three peony plants.. two red and one yellow.. the perfect color combination!

Garden May 2014 d 026

The yellow is a new variety from Itoh, and is a cross between a standard peony and a tree peony.  It is supposed to be more sturdy than the standard garden peony.  So far, so good.  And the flower is huge and beautiful!

Garden May 2014 d 027

It will provide some good color in an area that we are “rebuilding”.

Garden May 2014 d 028

The false indigo is looking pretty good, too.

Garden May 2014 d 023

Garden May 2014 d 024

It has an almost sweet-pea type flower.

Garden May 2014 d 025

The poppies are filling in and look like they should bloom at any moment!

Garden May 2014 d 018

Garden May 2014 d 021

We have used pots to add some color

Garden May 2014 d 022

The rhubarb we planted last year didn’t seem to mind the transplant

Garden May 2014 d 029

The flowers are looking nice, although it means my minimal harvesting is done.

Garden May 2014 d 031

In case you were worried I had no supervision while taking these pictures, have no fear….

Garden May 2014 d 032

I think he was trying to figure out why I wasn’t giving him a worm.

Dig it!

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  1. Mary says:

    Your gardenS are beautiful!! Wish I had your green thumb!!

  2. Carol says:

    I am so glad you are blogging more now that spring has come. I enjoy reading your posts. Your yard is lovely. Mine is a work in progress, I had several things winter kill, including 6 hosta, a bleeding heart, a carpet rose, and hen and chicks…I guess its an opportunity to do more planting…

    • Eileen Loan says:

      Thanks, Carol! We had quite a few things hurt by the harsh winter and I’m still not sure one of my roses is coming back. We lost our yucca and I spoke with someone else who lost four of hers, so it wasn’t just something we did or didn’t do. The frost was just too deep! I am sorry to see some of my losses, but I agree that it is an opportunity to add something new to my garden! Happy planting!

  3. ruth meyer says:

    Eileen, helpful hint I thought I would pass on. With the air conditioning on now, instead of letting all that water run down the drain, I collect it and use it to water the garden. When the humidity is high I get about a 5 gallon pail everyday. Water isn’t cheap and why waste it. Your garden is wonderful. Ruth Meyer

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