Summer Fun at the Youth Garden

August 3, 2014 0 Comments

The kids are enjoying the fruits of their labor these past weeks.

July 28 2014 004


They have been picking beans, onions, cucumbers and zucchini among many other veggies.

They have also just planted some strawberries.

July 28 2014 001


This will be well picked over next year when they are ripening up!

I brought an old tiller/hand plow that was my dads. It isn’t pretty, but it looks pretty cool.  We will see how long it stays upright before the wind blows it over.

July 28 2014 002

July 28 2014 007July 28 2014 014

The tires that the kids painted look fantastic!  One has only flowers, but the other one has a cherry tomato planted among sweet potatoes.  They are all doing great.

July 28 2014 018

The regular tomatoes are looking good, too, although the cherry tomatoes in the ground aren’t looking that hot.

July 28 2014 017


They need a little fertilizer, methinks….

Other veggies are looking great.

The cukes look good and we should be able to pick several this week.

July 28 2014 010


The sweet potatoes love this garden

July 28 2014 011


The broccoli has already bolted, so it won’t last much longer in the garden.


July 28 2014 012


We tried out planting potatoes in a hay bale.  They are growing, but not as well as those in the ground.

July 28 2014 013


We will have to check our records to see if the difference in planting time made that much of a difference or just the lack of dirt.  Here are the ones in the ground…

July 28 2014 015


The popcorn is a little shorter than last year, but still looks pretty good.  Hopefully we have a good crop for the popcorn party this winter!

July 28 2014 016


We planted a giant pumpkin this year.  So far so good, but one of the stems had a borer so we will have to watch the others closely.

July 28 2014 019


The pie pumpkins don’t seem to be having too much trouble.

July 28 2014 020


And the watermelon are going well, too.

July 28 2014 021


We did have a casualty in the blueberry division.

July 28 2014 023


The rabbits got to it.  The other two blueberries seem to be doing well, although I do see some sign of nibbling…

July 28 2014 024July 28 2014 022


Oh… and we have a new addition to the garden… a Free Lending Library.

July 28 2014 008


It got a bit of decoration by the kids and Mary, one of the volunteers.

July 28 2014 006


If you want to swing by and see the Garden yourself… and pull a few weeds… we meet on Mondays at 3:30 during the school year and 2:30 when they aren’t in school or get out early.  And, for a couple more weeks, we are meeting on Thursday mornings at 9 AM, too.  Or you can drive by at Second Street and Fourth Avenue to check it out.


The kids will love to see you!

Dig it!







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