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September 4, 2014 0 Comments

If you see anyone from the Vinton-Shellsburg Horticulture class, thank them.  Most of this year’s tomatoes in the Youth Garden and all of the pepper plants came from them.  They also provided some of the flowers that made it to the Garden.  Including a Passion Flower.

Sept 2 2014 c


It’s gorgeous!


I’ve always wanted to plant one, but I don’t really have the spot to put an annual vine.  But we are all enjoying it at the Garden!

Sept 2 2014 a


This is an annual here in Iowa, but is considered a ditch weed in roadsides of Southeastern US.  They are called Maypops in areas since they “pop up” out of the ground in May.  They bloom from late July through frost, so we should have another few weeks of them showing off.


There are loads of  buds on the vine, so the kids won’t be disappointed!

Sept 2 2014 b


And if you want to check it out for yourself… head on over to Vinton.  And pull up some weeds while you’re there.  Just sayin’.


Dig it!


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