Cleanup Before the Arctic Blast

November 9, 2014 0 Comments

I’ve been putting it off, since it is ONLY the beginning of November, but I needed to get my pots winterized.  We didn’t plant as many flowers in pots as last year, but we still have a few I would like to try to save through the Winter.

November 2014 013

I gave them a drink of water and then worked on another project… winterizing my tall red pot.

November 2014 003


It had held a Candy Corn plant that didn’t like the low 20s.  I pulled the dead plant out and put in the bird bath.  Yep.  The bird bath.

November 2014 009

This thing fits perfectly into the top. It keeps any water out that would expand as it freezes and crack by pot.

November 2014 010

Don’t worry… we have a heated bird bath that takes its place for Winter….

November 2014 008

We will plug it in later this week.

Next up… wrap the whole thing up.

I use some insulation I got at the home improvement store.  I’m pretty sure it has the bubbles in it that I love to pop, but it is thicker than the shipping poppy bubbles.  The stuff I have isn’t tall enough, so I duct tape it to fit. And make sure the top is covered, too, and sealed so that water can’t get in.  I’ve done this since I got the pop several years ago.  So far, so good.

Once that was done, I got down to business in wrapping up my other pots to store in the garage.  First, I put down a comforter (that we no longer use) on the cement floor.

November 2014 014


The crate is so I can put pots “on top” of other pots.

You don’t want ceramic pots to sit on the cement floor through the winter.  They could crack with the cold, especially if you have watered the plants before wrapping.  I have also given plants a drink or two through the winter in the past.  Not all the time.. only if I can get to them easily.  And if I remember….

Then I started wrapping…

November 2014 015

This is a rose that popped up in the garden.  I am pretty sure it is from the miniature Chinese rose, but it didn’t get to the flower stage before the rabbits chewed it down.  I will have to wait until next year to find out.  I make sure to wrap them bottom up, in case I actually remember to give them a drink in late January or so.

Our larger blue pot still had a creeping rosemary plant that looked pretty good and smelled fantastic!  It is hardy to zone 8, so it will more than likely not make it through the winter in our unheated garage, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull out such a good looking plant.

November 2014 001


So I wrapped it up and put it to the side.  It will at least smell good when I unwrap everything in the Spring!



November 2014 019


Once I finished wrapping what I was keeping, I dumped the rest so that I could store the pots.

November 2014 005

November 2014 006

And, I wrapped my newest clematis with chicken wire to give them a fighting chance against the rabbits!

All in all, a pretty productive morning!

Next up… mulch the roses.  Although, I don’t usually do those until closer to Thanksgiving.  I may be able to do it sooner with the cold weather headed our way this week.

Dig it!

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