Spring Has Sprung!

March 9, 2015 0 Comments

While this winter wasn’t nearly as bad as last year, it was bad enough. The sun is shining the snow is melting (rapidly) and the chickadees and cardinals are singing their Spring songs.  I went outside this afternoon to feed the birds and to clean off the old birdseed shells that were strewn about the deck. It was so nice, I even opened the sliding door for Louie and Barney to enjoy the fresh air.  I played with the neighbor dog in the mud and then took a walk around the house to see what I could see.  Still a lot of dormant stuff, but I did manage to see this:

March Bleeding Heart

Yeah… it doesn’t look like much, but…

March Bleeding Heart 34

…those are bleeding hearts poking through. They are almost always the first thing up in my yard every year. And they most certainly help chase those winter blues away.

Now.. if I can just find my tulips and daffodils…

Dig it!

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