Let’s Get This Party Started!

April 29, 2015 0 Comments

I am finally convinced that Mother Nature is going to let me get my garden in.  She may still throw a cold night my way (the average last frost date is around May 12th, after all), but I am ready.  Actually, I was ready three weeks ago, but I managed to hold off until yesterday. I worked the soil in a couple of our raised beds and started planting!

One bed has cabbages… early cabbage, late cabbage and savoy cabbage. I’ve never grown savoy before, so this will be an adventure. I added some onions and lettuce to the bed to fill it out.


In the other bed, I put up a “fence” of sorts and then put in a some peas. I didn’t want the fence to get lonely.  I also put beets and carrots in the bed along with some yukon gold potatoes that needed to be put in the ground.


Both beds got a good drink and I made sure to put it all in my Garden Book.


Here you can see how terrible my writing really is….  But, if I don’t put it in the book, I forget what I put where.

Now… since today is going to be another fantastic weather day… I’m heading to the Garden Center. I hope the checkbook can take it….


Dig it!

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