9:20 PM Weather Update

In some locations the snow has been falling for a couple of hours and in some locations it has not snowed at all. There is a link to the RUC model. The Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model is a short term forecast (18 hours). Here is a link to the last RUC model…click here.

The current map (see map below)  has the low over eastern Nebraska and still has to track across the state tonight…the RUC Model above shows that well.

As the precipitation moves east it has to overcome some dry air. Here is the Davenport sounding from this evening. The low levels are still pretty dry.

On and off light snow/flurries will continue tonight as the surface low and upper level low move across Iowa. Any additional snow tonight will be a trace to 1″. Some roads will remain slick through the night so please dry with caution.

Here is a photo of 1″ of snow in Hazleton taken at 9:00 PM by Danny Murphy.

Here are some reports as of 9:00 PM:
Waterloo (KWWL) – 0.5″
Riceville – 1.0″
Westgate – 1.0″
Stacyville – 1.0″
Charles City – 0.5″
Hazleton – 1.0″
Vinton – 0.5″
Oelwein – 1.0″
Denver – 0.8″
Cedar Rapids – Trace


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This post was written by Schnack on February 20, 2012

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