November 10

From NWS
: A very intense low pressure system crossed Iowa producing an all-time state record low pressure of 28.54 inches of Mercury (966 millibars) at Estherville and Spencer. Heavy snow fell across far northwestern Iowa with accumulations as high as 8.0 inches at Sioux Center and very strong winds affected the entire state with every station reporting wind gusts of at least 50 mph, ranging up to 70 mph at Oelwein.

1968: A winter storm brought snowfall across most of Iowa (excepting northeastern areas) from late on November 9th into the early morning hours on the 11th, with most of the snow falling on the 10th. Generally 6 inches or more fell across southwestern, south central, and central portions of the state with the highest reported totals including 10.0 inches at Ankeny, Bedford, Greenfield, Lamoni, Osceola, and Winterset, 11.0 inches at Perry, 12.0 inches at Indianola, 12.1 inches at Des Moines, and 14.0 inches at Ottumwa. At Des Moines the 11.8 inches that fell just on the 10th not only makes this easily their snowiest November day on record but is also higher than any December day with the sole exception of December 26, 1888 when 17.0 inches of snow fell.

 This Day in National/World Weather History …
 10 November 1915 → Great Bend, KS was struck by an F4 tornado that swept away farms and took 11 lives. About a thousand sheep were killed on local ranches. Debris from town was carried 85 miles. Hundreds of dead ducks plummeted from the sky 25 miles beyond the end of the tornado’s path.
 10 November 1819 → In Montreal at midday the sky turned from a greenish tint to an inky black, then sooty rain fell. Frightened citizens made their way to Notre Dame Church when suddenly a lightning bolt struck the church’s spire, and it crashed to the ground. The next day was bright and clear.
 10 November 1975 → The Edmund Fitzgerald sank northeast of Whitefish Point on Lake Superior, killing 29 crew members. Surface pressure dropped to 29.00 inches, producing sustained winds of 60 mph and wave heights of over 20 feet.
 10 November 2002 → The town of Mossy Grove, TN was “wiped off the map” by a destructive tornado that killed 7 people.


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