November 17

From NWS
: An intense low pressure system moved across the region producing high winds gusting to 50 mph or higher in northwestern Iowa on November 17-18. On the 17th two semi trucks were overturned on Interstate 80 in Guthrie County and on the 18th winds gusted to 57 mph at Spirit Lake and 58 mph at Estherville.

 This Day in National/World Weather History …
 17 November 1869 → A train near Boston Corners, NY was blown off the tracks by high winds. The train crashed down a ravine and caught fire, killing 3 people.
 17 November 1927 → An F2 tornado hit western Alexandria, VA and the eastern quadrants of the District of Columbia. It missed the Capitol by just nine blocks and damaged 439 buildings in the District. 150 people were injured by the tornado, and one person was killed by lightning.


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