November 16

From NWS
: A winter storm struck Iowa on November 16-17 producing significant amounts of sleet and freezing rain across portions of central, eastern, and northeastern Iowa. Many utility poles and wires were snapped and thousands of trees were destroyed. Over the course of the storm more than two inches of rain or freezing rain fell roughly along and southeast of a line from Dubuque to Oskaloosa to Mount Ayr with the highest totals including 3.44 inches at Keosauqua, 3.20 inches at Washington, 3.00 inches at Fairfield, 2.63 inches at Clinton, and 2.36 inches at Tipton. The heavy rain led to flash flooding in some areas which produced considerable damage.

1886: A severe early season blizzard struck northern and western Iowa, with some snow but less severe effects experienced over the rest of the state. Across the north and west several observers noted it as the worst storm in memory for so early in the season, with heavy snow accompanied by very high winds which blew and drifted the snow to such a degree that all travel was rendered impossible. At Algona an observer wrote that the drifting was worse than at any time during the previous winter, and at Concord in Hancock County another observer reported that “fully a foot of snow fell, accompanied by terrific wind.”

 This Day in National/World Weather History …
 16 November 1958 → Tucson, AZ recorded 6.4 inches of snow on this date, marking one of the largest snowfalls ever for the city.
 16 November 1999 → Hurricane warnings were in effect as late-season Hurricane Lenny was threatening Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Lenny was a Category 3 hurricane with top winds of 115 mph. Lenny was not only unusual because of its late-season strength, but because of its forward movement. Lenny was moving from west to east across the Caribbean. Lenny was the first hurricane in recorded history to threaten Puerto Rico from the west. The unusual motion meant that some harbors normally protected from hurricanes were threatened.


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