Another Storm This Weekend


UPDATED at 3:49 PM

Tonight: Clear and breezy. Low: 26-28. Wind: S 10-20 mph.

Thursday: Mostly sunny and breezy. High: 41-48. Wind: SW 10-20 mph.

Thursday Night: Clear. Low: 22-27. Wind: S 5 mph.

Friday: Partly cloudy. High: low 40s.

Saturday: Cloudy with a 60% chance of rain/snow. High: low 40s.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High: low-mid 30s.

Monday: Partly cloudy. High: mid 30s.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High: low 30s.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High: near 30.


This evening the sky will be clear giving us a chance to see the International Space Station (ISS). It will be visible at 6:24 for 2 minutes. It will travel from the SW to SSE with a maximum elevation of 70 degrees above the horizon. 

Here is an early afternoon visible satellite image showing a few things. The sky is clear over Iowa. You can see the snow on the ground in northeast Iowa. There is snow and clouds in Minnesota.

Thursday and Friday will have dry conditions with high temperatures 10-15 degrees above normal.

We are tracking an area of low pressure that is forecast to develop in eastern Colorado Friday evening. The low is forecast to track northeast across Iowa Saturday. Here are the different forecast model tracks.  

If the forecast track remains the same rain is the most likely type of precipitation that will fall. Some light snow may mix in with the rain Saturday night as the colder air move in behind the low. Here is the rain forecast from Wednesday evening to Monday evening. All of the precipitation on the map for Iowa will be with the storm Saturday.

The map below shows the chance of snow of one inch or more from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Again as of now the storm is expected to bring mainly rain to eastern Iowa.

After the storm moves away the weather will be colder…closer to our normal highs for this time of year. It will also remain dry through the first half of next week.


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