December 12

From NWS
: Heavy snow fell across most of Iowa on December 11-12 with blizzard conditions developing as strong northerly winds blew and drifted the snow, blocking roads and bringing travel to a standstill. Storm total snowfall accumulations ranged from 7 to 10 inches or more in a band from southwestern through northeastern Iowa including totals of 8.5 inches at Independence and Oskaloosa, 9.0 inches at Dubuque and Iowa Falls, and 10.0 inches at Hampton, Marshalltown, and Osceola. This was the first of several winter storms during an active month that would finish as the snowiest December on record at several Iowa locations, although not in statewide average.

This Day in National/World Weather History …
 12 December 1982 → A driving snow kept the field covered during the NFL game between the Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots in Foxborough, MA. Near the end of the fourth quarter, with a 0-0 score, the Patriots plowed the snow away from a small part of the field, conveniently just enough for a field goal to be kicked. The goal was scored and the Patriots won 3-0. The game has become known as the Snowplow Game.
 12 December 1985 → In the worst air crash in Canadian history, an Arrow Airlines DC-8 crashed seconds after takeoff in Newfoundland. The plane was en route to Fort Campbell, KY. 248 soldiers of the 101st Airborne and 8 crew were killed. Weather observers reported light freezing drizzle, snow, and fog.
 12 December 1992 → One of the fiercest nor’easters of the 20th Century hit New York City and New England. Ambrose Light Station just southeast of New York City recorded sustained winds of 80 mph and gusts to 93 mph. LaGuardia Airport was closed due to flooding. Flooding at a Con Edison station shut down the entire subway system for more than 3 hours. Heavy snows fell inland with Worcester, MA setting a new single storm record of 32.1 inches. Boston, MA recorded frequent gusts over 60 mph with a peak gust to 78 mph.


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