December 19

From NWS
: December was an intensely cold month with particularly bitter temperatures prevailing from the 18th-26th. During the first several days of this stretch the coldest temperatures were reached on the morning of the 19th when most areas fell into the 20s below zero, excepting south central and southeastern sections where lows were in the teens below zero, and many stations established daily records that still stand today. Even in southwestern Iowa temperatures fell to remarkable levels for so early in the season, including readings of -25 F at Glenwood and Shenandoah and -33 F at Atlantic. After the Atlantic reading the lowest reported temperatures included -27 F at Decorah, Northwood, and Sibley, -28 F at Elkader and Ida Grove, -29 F at Pocahontas, and -30 F at Cresco. After the second stretch of particularly intense cold from December 22-25, the month finished as the coldest December on record in Iowa.


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