December 5

From NWS
: A powerful winter storm produced heavy precipitation across Iowa on December 3-5. In the northwest the precipitation fell as snow, in the southeast rain, and between there were significant ice accumulations from freezing rain along a wide strip from Mills and Monona counties northeast to Dubuque and Winnebago counties. The ice storm was particularly destructive in a swath about two counties wide running from Pottawattamie and Harrison counties to Delaware and Fayette counties, where rain fell with surface temperatures well below freezing and froze as soon as it struck the ground or exposed objects. Small branches and wires were reported to have been coated with up to two inches of ice in some locations. Incredible numbers of trees and telephone poles and wires were totally destroyed. At least 200,000 miles of telephone wires and 27,000 telephone poles were put out of service including 5,000 poles in Black Hawk County alone.

This Day in National/World Weather History …
 5 December 1953 → A deadly F5 tornado struck western Mississippi. The tornado crossed the south side of Vicksburg. At least 26 businesses were destroyed, 38 people were killed, and 270 people were injured.
 5 December 1999 → Denmark saw its worst storm on record as 109 mph winds tore through the country and sea levels rose almost 17 feet above normal, ending in over $134.5 million in damages. 6 people were killed.


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