Comparing January 15-16, 2009 to Monday’s Forecast

It was a record setting cold couple of days.


Click here to see a post I made in 2009 about the records.

The charts below show a comparison from record cold 2009 to the forecast for Monday.

The maps below are surface maps. One of the maps is from January 15, 2009. There is a large 1044 mb high coming straight out of Canada and centered over the Midwest. The other map below is the HPC forecast map for Monday morning showing a 1044 mb high a little farther west than the one in 2009.

The map below is the 500 mb chart for 2009 and the forecast for Monday (2013). There was a big ridge of high pressure in 2009 along the west coast while there was a deep trough over eastern Canada and extending south across the Great Lakes. The other 500 mb map (Monday 2013) shows a similar configuration.

Snow makes a big difference when it comes to temperatures…especially low temperatures. In 2009 there was a lot of snow across all of Iowa. That helped the lows to drop as low as they did. This year there is very little snow across Iowa and in many locations there is now snow on the ground.

The low temperatures coming up in the next seven days are not expected to as cold as 2009 but it will be COLD.


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This post was written by Schnack on January 15, 2013

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