January 15

From NWS
: Bitterly cold air settled across Iowa sending temperatures plummeting to record levels. Reported low temperatures included -31 F at Charles City and Osage, -34 F at New Hampton, -35 F at Cresco, -39 F at Decorah, and -40 F at Saratoga in Howard County, a level which was only reached a handful of times in Iowa during the 20th century.

This Day in National/World Weather History …
 15 January 1852 → On the Susquehanna River in Maryland railroad cars were able to be hauled across the ice because it was so thick.
 15 January 1863 → Thirty inches of snow fell on Cincinnati, OH. The snow came on the heels of 16 hours of rain.
 15 January 1970 → Lima, Peru received 0.79″ of rain, the most in one day in 41 years.


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