January 18

From NWS
: A strong low pressure system moved across northeastern Iowa and into southeastern Minnesota and Wisconsin, pulling behind it a very sharp cold front with temperatures falling rapidly across the area during the afternoon and evening. At Guttenberg the temperature rose to 54 F in the morning then plunged to 2 F by midnight, while at New Hampton the temperature fell from 52 F to -1 F during the same time frame. The temperature drop was most marked at Oelwein, falling from 50 F to -9 F resulting in a 59 degree change in less than 24 hours. Snow fell behind the low pressure system during the evening and nighttime hours with storm totals including 7.0 inches at New Hampton and 6.0 inches at Postville. Strong winds blew the snow into deep drifts and reduced visibility to near zero at times.

 This Day in National/World Weather History …
 18 January 1973 → A frail home was thrown 100 yards by the winds of an F2 tornado in Corey, LA. A young mother was killed, but her baby was carried 400 yards and received only minor injuries.
 18 January 1978 → The Hartford Coliseum in Connecticut was empty when its roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow and ice just hours after a basketball game had finished.
 18 January 1999 → An F4 tornado with a 75 mile long path killed 25 people as it ripped across Mount Ayliff, South Africa. It is Africa’s deadliest tornado.
 18 January 2007 → A particularly intense storm system, named Kyrill, swept from the British Isles into northern Europe. Winds gusted to 125 mph in Germany and 132 mph in the Czech Republic. Several tornadoes were spawned as well, including an F3 that struck Lauchhammer, Germany south of Berlin.


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