April 4

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1995: A very sharp cold front crossed the region on April 3rd sending temperatures tumbling from daytime highs in the 50s and 60s to lows in the single digits and teens by the morning of the 4th. At Cresco and Northwood the temperature fell from 64 F to 7 F, a drop of 57 degrees. Many other stations recorded temperature drops of 45 to 55 degrees from the afternoon of the 3rd to the morning of the 4th. At Des Moines the temperature fell from 66 F to 19 F, a drop of 47 degrees, and at Waterloo the temperature fell from 68 F to 12 F, a drop of 56 degrees. At Mason City the temperature on the 3rd fell from 67 F at 2 pm to 17 F at 11 pm, a drop of 50 degrees in just nine hours, and winds gusted to as high as 68 mph behind the front. Remarkably, the highest temperature recorded in Iowa during the entire month (81 F at Glenwood and Onawa on the afternoon of the 2nd) and the lowest temperature of the month (7 F at Cresco, Northwood, and Osage on the morning of the 4th) were separated by only 39 hours.

 This Day in National/World Weather History …
 4 April 1804 → A family of tornadoes killed 11 people along a 120 mile long path from Bibb County, GA to Edgefield County, SC. Some buildings were completely swept away. Effects of the tornadoes were still visible when another powerful tornado family followed a similar path in 1875.
 4 April 1929 → Northern Tasmania Flood. The most disastrous floods experienced in the 20th Century in Tasmania. Twenty-two people drowned, the greatest loss of life for any single Australian flood event. Fourteen people died when the Briseis Dam at Derby burst, and a further eight lives were lost near Ulverstone when a vehicle plunged into the flooded river. Many road and rail bridges were destroyed.
 4 April 1977 → An F5 tornado swept homes away north of Birmingham, AL. It moved forward at 60 mph, doing $15 million damage. Cars and trucks were thrown from I-65 as the tornado crossed the highway.
 4 April 1977 → Southern Airways Flight 242 flew directly into a severe thunderstorm. The plane was so badly beaten by hail and rain that both of its engines were destroyed. The craft fell 14,000 feet, landing on a highway in New Hope, GA. Of the 81 people on board, 63 were killed. Nine people on the ground lost their lives as the plane skidded into a gas station and grocery store.


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