April 13

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: Severe weather spawned 13 tornadoes across Iowa including one that passed through Iowa City, narrowly missing the University of Iowa campus while producing F2 damage and injuring 30 people. One residence in east central Johnson County was struck by two tornadoes about an hour apart. Large hail was reported at many locations, ranging up to baseball size at Iowa City and near Radcliffe.

1964: Very strong winds produced damage across the state with gusts measured as high as 75 mph. In the morning two school buses loaded with children were blown over near Le Mars, injuring 40.

1912: A tornado struck the Ford family farm in Boone County and the Weather Bureau provided the following account: “The debris from the buildings was scattered over the fields nearly a mile distant. How the members of the Ford family escaped injury cannot be told, even by the people themselves. When the storm hit, the house was lifted up into the air. People living down the valley [sic] say that the house went up fully 300 feet, whirling as rapidly as the fury of the storm could make it. It was not carried a great distance until after the breaking up and this occurred in mid air. Mrs. Ford and her son were in the house at the time it was struck. Immediately after the storm Mrs. Ford was found sitting in a chair in the yard, between the heavy kitchen range and a six-foot piece of brick chimney, with scarcely room between for the chair. Had either the stove or chimney been turned the least bit from their path in falling, Mrs. Ford would probably have been killed. The son dropped into a plowed field northwest of where the house had stood. He was also unscratched. Mr. Ford was in the yard, and while the house and barn were wrecked he was uninjured.”

 This Day in National/World Weather History …
 13 April 1921 → Melissa, TX was hit squarely by an F4 tornado that destroyed the town’s business section along with 40 homes and all of the village’s churches. In the town’s school 240 children were huddled under their desks on the first floor while part of the second floor was ripped apart. The teacher was bruised as she struggled to hold a door shut, but no lives were lost in the school. Eleven people were killed elsewhere, a toll that would have been higher except that the roar of the tornado was so loud that people heard it and took shelter.
 13 April 1984 → Between 11-14 April 1984, in St Johns, Newfoundland, ice accumulated up to 6 inches thick on power lines. Power outages left 200,000 residents of Avalon Peninsula in the dark and cold.
 13 April 1987 → Wind gusts up to 98 mph in northern Texas were caused by thunderstorms. At the Killeen Airport, storms caused $1 million in damage. Two planes were destroyed and ten others damaged.


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