Weather Hot Shot on Thu. April 18

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April Rain Compared and Drought Compared

After all of the rain during the last two weeks the drought conditions we have been in is obviously no longer. Here is a comparison of the Drought Monitor from this year to last year around the same time.

Apr 18 Drought Compare


Now lets compare the rain totals in April through the 18th from this year to last year.

Apr 18 April Rain


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This post was written by Schnack on April 18, 2013

More Rain Chances

UPDATED at 4:20 PM

Tonight: Cloudy with a 70% chance of light rain/snow showers. Low: 31-34. Wind: W 10-20 mph.

Friday: Cloudy and windy with a 40% chance of light rain/snow showers. High: 38-46. Wind: NW 15-25 mph.

Friday Night: Decreasing clouds with areas of fog possible. Low: 26-30. Wind: NW 5-10 mph.

Saturday: Partly to mostly cloudy. High: near 50.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of showers. High: mid-upper 50s.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of showers/storms. High: mid-upper 50s.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy and windy (NW 15-25 mph) with a 20% chance of showers. High: upper 40s.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High: low 50s.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High: low-mid 50s.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High: low 50s.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High: low-mid 50s.

There is such a large difference in rain totals from this storm. Northern Iowa had a range of 0.5-1” while southern Iowa had 3-6”. Obviously there has been flooding problems for the southern counties. Take a look at the rain estimate from the last three days.

Apr 18 Rain Total Map
Unfortunately, there still are a few light rain showers across parts of eastern Iowa (see radar below). Dry air is trying to push north and shut off the rain for a little while.

Blog Graphic 1
The low at 4 pm was located over southwest Wisconsin (see map below)

Apr 18 SFC MAP

It will continue to track northeast tonight. The wind will increase out of the west and northwest this evening. We will have wind gusts Friday as high as 30 or 35 mph. The colder air will come south with that wind tonight into Friday. There will be a chance for a few light rain and/or snow showers tonight and Friday morning. No accumulation is expected.  

High pressure will move in from the west Friday night and as a result the clouds will clear and the wind will diminish. There is a chance of some fog Saturday morning. At this point Saturday is a bit tricky. If the fog forms and is thick enough it will linger through the morning as clouds move in for the afternoon. If the fog is patchy it will clear early with sunshine in the morning followed by clouds in the afternoon. So the question of how much sun can we see Saturday morning is still a bit iffy but I should have a better handle on that tomorrow.

The above mentioned, increasing clouds, is associated with a slow moving cold front coming in from the northwest. Here is the WPC forecast position of the front Monday morning.

Apr 18 Mon AM Sfc Map

Ahead of the cold front high temperatures will warm into the upper 50s with a chance for showers and a few thunderstorms. The cold front will be east of Iowa Tuesday leaving us with a gusty northwest wind and highs in the 40s.

High pressure is forecast to bring us two dry days in a row (Wed/Thu). It will not be warm, but at least it will be in the 50s.


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Daily Rainfall Records Broken

Waterloo broke a daily rainfall record with 1.62″ Wednesday. The previous record was 1.43″ in 1960.

Dubuque broke a daily rainfall record with 2.65″ Wednesday. The previous record was 1.678″ in 1941.



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24-Hr Rain Totals


7 AM Wednesday to 7 AM Thursday

Location County 24-Hr Rain
Waterloo Black Hawk 1.62
Dubuque Dubuque 3.17
Cedar Rapids Linn 3.81
Iowa City Johnson 4.57
Amana 4SSW Iowa 4.30
Anamosa 3SSW, IA Jones 3.84
BELLE PLAINE, IA Benton 2.72
BELLE PLAINE 1 SSW Benton 3.45
Bluffton Winneshiek 0.40
Brighton 2N Washington 5.08
BROOKLYN, IA Poweshiek 3.32
Calmar Winneshiek 0.89
CASCADE, IA Dubuque 3.43
Charlotte 3SSE Clinton 5.40
Clayton Center Clayton 2.07
Clermont Fayette 1.39
COGGON, IA Linn 3.05
COLWELL, IA Floyd 0.60
CRESCO 1NE, IA Howard 0.53
Decorah Winneshiek 0.52
Dorchester 3S Allamakee 0.57
Dubuque #3, IA Dubuque 2.93
Dubuque L&D 11, IA Dubuque 2.83
Durant SW Cedar 5.20
EDGEWOOD, IA Clayton 0.56
Eldorado Fayette 0.92
Elkader Clayton 1.35
Elma Howard 0.61
FAYETTE, IA Fayette 1.78
FULTON, IA Jackson 3.27
Garber Clayton 0.74
GILMAN, IA Poweshiek 3.05
Grinnell Poweshiek 3.86
GRINNELL 3 SW, IA Poweshiek 3.09
Grinnell 3 NNE Poweshiek 3.20
Grundy Center Grundy 2.16
GUTTENBERG L & D 10, IA Clayton 1.97
HAMPTON, IA Franklin 1.28
Harpers Ferry Allamakee 1.13
Ion Allamakee 1.23
Ionia Chickasaw 0.83
IOWA FALLS, IA Hardin 1.56
Ladora Iowa 5.20
Lancaster Grant 1.66
LANSING 4SE, IA Allamakee 0.97
Littleport Clayton 1.81
LOWDEN, IA Cedar 5.35
Manchester Delaware 1.17
Marquette Clayton 0.88
MAQUOKETA 4 W, IA Jackson 3.68
Marengo 2.6 SSW Iowa 4.51
Marengo 4N Iowa 4.14
Marshalltown 1.4 ENE Marshall 2.77
MARSHALLTOWN, IA Marshall 2.80
McGregor Clayton 0.59
Monona WWTP, IA Clayton 1.51
MONTEZUMA 1 W, IA Poweshiek 4.36
Monticello, IA Jones 4.03
MUSCATINE 2 N, IA Muscatine 3.99
NASHUA 2SW, IA Floyd 0.88
NEW HAMPTON, IA Chickasaw 0.89
New London 1.5 SW Henry 3.26
Oelwein ASOS Fayette 1.72
Oelwein 0.8 WNW Fayette 1.60
Osage Mitchell 0.85
Osterdock Clayton 2.63
Parnell Iowa 2.50
Salem 1 S, IA Henry 3.25
Sinsinawa Grant 3.05
Solon 0.3 ESE Johnson 4.87
ST ANSGAR, IA Mitchell 0.83
SWISHER, IA Johnson 4.50
Toledo Tama 1.11
TRAER, IA Tama 3.04
TRIPOLI, IA Bremer 1.38
Van Horne Benton 2.55
Victor 2S Iowa 4.45
VINTON, IA Benton 2.89
VOLGA 1NE, IA Clayton 1.79
WASHINGTON, IA Washington 3.78
Waterloo 1.8 SSE Black Hawk 1.86
Waterloo 3.0 NNW Black Hawk 1.84
Waucoma 3S Fayette 0.96
Wellman Washington 6.25
West Branch Cedar 3.89



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April 18

TodayinWeatherHistoryFrom NWS
: Severe thunderstorms produced hail larger than golf balls, strong straight-line wind gusts, and a few brief tornadoes as they moved across western, central, and northeastern Iowa from the evening of April 17th into early morning on the 18th. As a few of the storms collapsed in western Iowa they caused an unusual meteorological event called a heat burst, which occurs when thunderstorms develop in an area where there is a layer of very dry air high up in the storm then collapse suddenly pulling down and heating the dry air until it hits the surface. This results in a rapid rise in surface temperature and usually very strong and gusty winds. At 5 am on the 18th the temperature at Creston rose from 74 F to 82 F in just 11 minutes and sustained wind speeds spiked to nearly 30 mph.

1912: A late season snow storm struck eastern and southeastern Iowa on April 16-18 producing snowfall amounts of 5.0 inches at Dubuque and Iowa City, 5.5 inches at Keosauqua, 6.0 inches at Keokuk, 7.0 inches at Tipton, and 7.8 inches at Davenport.

This Day in National/World Weather History …
 18 April 1880 → Marshfield, MO was devastated by an F4 (estimated) tornado that killed 68 people in the town in just a few minutes, with another 24 dying later of their injuries.
 18 April 1905 → Hail up to one inch in diameter, accompanied by strong winds that blew it into drifts six inches tall, struck Spanish Wells, Bahamas. Hail is exceedingly rare in the Bahamas.
 18 April 1906 → San Francisco was shaken by a severe earthquake. Unusual easterly winds helped to spread the ensuing fires, nearly destroying the city. The Weather Bureau offices at San Francisco and San Jose were demolished.
 18 April 1949 → Tornadoes are extremely rare in Nevada, however on this date a low-end F2 twister struck near Reno. It was on the ground for 12 miles and damaged ranch buildings.
 18 April 1957 → A dust devil in Massachusetts lifted a small child 3 feet into the air and rolled 2 other children on the ground. Fortunately none were hurt. The dust devil was accompanied by a loud whistling sound as it moved westward. It occurred at the beginning of an unusual early season heat wave.


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