April 21

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: A significant severe weather outbreak produced several violent tornadoes across Iowa. One of these traveled through Wapello, Jefferson, and Henry counties barely missing Fairfield to the north and injuring 12 people as it produced F3 damage in mostly rural areas. Another storm produced several tornadoes across western and northwestern Iowa. The first tornado in this series killed 1 person and injured 10 others between Onawa and Mapleton then the second, stronger tornado produced F4 damage as it traveled from near Ida Grove, through Sac County, and directly over Storm Lake before dissipating. This tornado killed 10 people and injured nearly 40. It also became the first waterspout on record in Iowa when it passed over Storm Lake causing “immense waves to beat against the shore” as noted by one observer. The storm that spawned these tornadoes also produced very large hail along its track, with stones measuring as much as 4 inches in diameter and 13 inches in circumference falling at Sac City and hail the size of walnuts breaking nearly all west-facing windows in Smithland. A third storm produced an F4 tornado that cut a path from west of Denison through Sac and Calhoun counties before dissipating north of Pomeroy. This tornado killed at least 17 people and injured around 30 more as it affected mostly rural areas. In total nearly 30 people were killed and more than 70 were injured across Iowa during this severe weather outbreak.

This Day in National/World Weather History …
 21 April 1887 → Prescott, KS was directly hit by an F4 tornado, resulting in 12 fatalities and 80 homes destroyed. The tornado was part of a family of tornadoes that reduced farms to kindling along a 60 mile path from Anderson County, KS to Bates County, MO. It was one of the most expensive tornado disasters of the 19th Century.
 21 April 1967 → Tornadoes ravaged northern Illinois. An F4 occurring at 3:50 pm in Belvidere left 24 dead and 500 injured. Seven people were killed at a shopping center, and at least 13 were killed at Belvidere High School. Another F4 at 5:24 pm left 33 dead and 500 injured. This funnel hit Palos Hills, Oak Lawn, Hometown, and Evergreen Park southwest of Chicago.
 21 April 2002 → An F3 tornado struck Wayne County, IL with winds as high as 200mph. Incredibly, only one life was lost.


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