June 7

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: Severe thunderstorms in western and northwestern Iowa produced large hail causing severe damage to car dealerships in Carroll and Estherville, as well as wind gusts to 65 mph which lifted boats from their moorings at Arnolds Park. Several tornadoes also touched down in northwestern Iowa including one which struck Sibley, damaging a house and a high school bus barn.

1984: A significant severe weather outbreak occurred with at least 21 tornadoes touching down in Iowa, mostly in northwestern, southern, and southeastern portions of the state. One tornado produced a nearly continuous damage track for 127 miles over a three hour span, moving from northern Missouri into Iowa just southeast of Lamoni and continuing northeast before finally lifting near Sigourney. This tornado killed 2 people and injured 63 others on its track, with the most intense damage occurring in Mahaska and Keokuk counties where the small towns of Wright and Delta were devastated. The storm weakened in the evening then reintensified after sunset and produced another series of tornadoes in southern Wisconsin later that night, including an F5 that struck the town of Barneveld just before midnight killing 36 people and injuring nearly 200. In Iowa a total of 3 fatalities and 91 injuries were attributed to tornadoes on this day.

1953: Severe thunderstorms produced several tornadoes across northwestern, central, and eastern Iowa. One storm produced a series of tornadoes over a path about 100 miles long from Adair County, east northeast through Polk County just a few miles south of the Des Moines airport, and all the way into southwestern Linn County. At the Des Moines airport a wind gust to 85 mph was measured as the tornado passed nearby.

1901: A very late frost was observed at several stations across northern Iowa including Alta and Fayette. Reported low temperatures included 35 F at Carroll, Clear Lake, Northwood, and Ogden, 34 F at Alta and Forest City, 33 F at Sheldon, Sioux Center, and Spirit Lake, 32 F at Plover and Sibley, and 30 F at Larrabee.

 This Day in Local Weather History …
 7 June 1948 → An F4 tornado, moving to the southeast, moved along the edge of Henryville, IN. The storm’s one fatality was a child who was killed when a two-story hilltop home was swept away.
 7 June 1980 → An F1 tornado was reported in Harrison County, IN. Also, two tornadoes of F1 strength were reported in Orange County.
 7 June 1985 → An F0 tornado touched down momentarily in Lincoln County two miles south of Hustonville. Three tobacco barns were destroyed and two farm houses were damaged.
 7 June 1990 → Over five inches of rain fell on Crawford County causing streams to rush out of their banks. Whiskey Run at Marengo rose to its second highest level on record of 12.4 feet. At English, after several devastating floods over the years, this flood was the last straw. Citizens voted to move the entire town to higher ground about a mile away. The floodplain was condemned and 70 homes, 30 businesses, and several county buildings (about 75% of the town) were torn down or moved. It was the 2nd largest town relocation in U.S. history.


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