Frog Photobombs NASA

Sep 12 frog

NASA has thousands of images from anything that it launches. Well, this time a camera caught and frog airborne. Here is the image from NASA’s instagram account and what they had to say about it.
A still camera on a sound trigger captured this intriguing photo of an airborne frog as NASA’s LADEE spacecraft lifts off from Pad 0B at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The photo team confirms the frog is real and was captured in a single frame by one of the remote cameras used to photograph the launch. The condition of the frog, however, is uncertain. Wallops Island National Wildlife Refuge was created on July 10, 1975 and is comprised mainly of salt marsh and woodlands. The wildlife refuge contains habitat for a variety of species, including upland- and wetland-dependent migratory birds. Additionally, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has an agreement with NASA to use the NASA-owned portion of Wallops Island for research and management of declining wildlife in special need of protection. The agreement with NASA covers approximately 3,000 acres of Wallops Island proper and is primarily salt marsh. But how is it possible for wildlife to peacefully coexist with space operations and what effects do rocket launches have on wildlife? NASA’s launch facilities, roads, and facilities take up a small percentage of the area. The rest of the area remains undeveloped and provides excellent habitat for wildlife. During launches, short term disturbance occurs in the immediate vicinity of the launch pads, but the disturbance is short-lived allowing space launches and a wildlife habitat to coexist.


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Weather Hot Shots on Thu. September 12

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One photo is shown on the 5 pm newscast and one on the 10 pm newscast.


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Cool Temperatures…Chance of Rain

Forecast Bar

UPDATED at 4:15 PM

Clear and cool. Low: 44-50. Wind: N 5-10 mph.

Friday: Mostly sunny and cooler. High: 68-70. Wind: NE 5-10 mph.

Friday Night: Clear and cool. Low: 43-45. Wind: SE 5-10 mph.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High: near 70.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers/storms. High: upper 60s.

Monday: Mostly cloudy. High: near 70.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers/storms. High: low-mid 70s.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers/storms. High: near 80.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High: low 80s.

Weather Extra Bar

It has been a beautiful late summer day, minus the breezy from the northwest. The low temperatures this morning were mainly in the 50s and 60s (see map below).

Sep 12 Thu AM Lows

As high pressure settles into the Midwest, it will bring in dry air and cool temperatures. Combine that with a clear sky tonight and we will see morning lows Friday in the 40s. It will be a good night to keep the windows open and get some fresh air into the house. The visible satellite from this afternoon shows a few clouds over parts of eastern Iowa. The clouds are expected to clear as the sun sets this evening.

Sep 12 Sat

Dry weather conditions are forecast to continue through Saturday. Clouds will increase late Saturday afternoon and evening in advance of showers/storms Saturday night and Sunday. The rain chances will be on and off all day Sunday. Here is the rain forecast from Saturday evening to Sunday evening.

Sep 12 QPF

A couple of more chances of rain Tuesday and Wednesday as high temperatures warm into the low 80s by the end of the week.


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This post was written by Schnack on September 12, 2013