Storm Update at 8:15 PM Wednesday

Scattered showers are expected the rest of the night. A stray storm can’t be ruled out, but the threat for any severe storms is over. Here is the radar showing the showers in western Iowa. The blue you see on the radar is snow…that is not forecast to move into eastern Iowa. The scattered showers tonight will end before sunrise Thursday and the clouds will clear from west to east during the morning hours.

KWWL 2015 MAX Storm ED

As the low, located over north central Iowa at 8:00 PM, moves northeast the wind will begin to increase across eastern Iowa.


The timing on that would be after midnight. The wind gusts at 8PM in western Iowa are 45 to 55 mph from the northwest.
State Wind Gust
We can expect that kind of wind tonight through most of Thursday. The wind will be gusty Thursday night into Friday morning and then taper off Friday afternoon/evening. High profile vehicles need to use caution on the road tonight through Thursday night. Here is the forecast wind gusts Thursday morning. 

DMA FutureTrack Wind Gust - RPM 4km


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