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February or April? It says February on the calendar, but if feels like late March. By the weekend it will feel more like April. The map below shows above normal temperatures across most of North America.



It hasn’t been much of a snowy winter. Through Feb 13, Waterloo has had only 14.4″ of snow. The chart below shows how it compares to normal on this date and the record amount. All the numbers up to Feb 13.



The 14.4″ of snow makes it the 4th least snowy winters since 1950.



There doesn’t seem to be any signs of cold air to produce any snow through the end of the month. Temperatures are likely to be above normal for the eastern half of the US through the end of the month.




The map below shows snow still on the ground across north central and northeast Iowa today. I doubt it is going to last long with no snow on the ground north and south of this area. A bare ground can warm faster and help melt the snow it surrounds. The bare ground heading into the weekend is also part of why it is going to get so warm. Highs in many locations are forecast to reach the low 60s.




Some records might be in jeopardy as we get into the weekend.



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This post was written by Schnack on February 13, 2017

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