June 28th Tornadoes Across Eastern Iowa

June 28th was an active afternoon and evening across eastern Iowa, with several severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings across the KWWL viewing area.

Officially, there were four tornadoes confirmed in eastern Iowa.  The first one was the Central City/Prairieburg tornado, which the National Weather Service survey crews found produced EF-2 damage.

Storm Track 7 was tracking this tornado on Doppler Radar, and it was showing debris.  Below is the radar reflectivity, velocity, and tornado debris signature from around 6:50 PM, when the tornado was near heavily damaged Prairieburg.

The reds are the particles the radar is picking up moving away from the radar site (located in Davenport), and the greens are moving toward the site.  When you get them close together, that indicates rotation, and where the tornado was located.

This is the correlation coefficient, where we look for debris within the storm.  Basically, this is showing us the difference between meteorological properties, such as rain and hail (the warmer colors), and the non-meteorologist properties, such as dirt, tree branches, etc. (cooler colors).  You can see a clear sign of debris right over Prairieburg.

Tornado #2: North of Monticello

Tornado #3: Oxford Junction

A brief, weak tornado was caught on camera near Vinton.  Emergency management reports that there was minor damage to a machine shed.  The National Weather Service did not send a crew there, due to no other damage being reported.


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on July 2, 2017