Rain numbers and more rain ahead


Throughout the month of September we didn’t get much rain at all in eastern Iowa. Many locations only received less than 1″ of rain during the entire month. Here are the September rain totals:

0.79″ Waterloo
1.02″ Dubuque
0.97″ Cedar Rapids
0.49″ Iowa City

The month of October has been completely different and it is only the 10th. We have had triple the amount of rain in 10 days than we did all of last month. Here are the October rain totals through late this afternoon:

3.25″ Waterloo
3.05″ Dubuque
2.47″ Cedar Rapids
1.61″ Iowa City

The rain should help the drought conditions parts of Iowa. Here is the Drought Monitor released last Thursday morning. The next update will be Thursday morning.



The map below shows the rain estimates by the radar Tuesday.

Here is a list of some rain totals through Tuesday evening:

0.69″ Waterloo
1.46″ Dubuque
1.28″ Cedar Rapids
1.11″ Iowa City


1.82″ Cascade
1.76″ Urbana
1.70″ Swisher
1.66″ Winthrop
1.56″ Monticello
1.40″ Lisbon
1.35″ North Liberty
1.34′ Toledo
1.32″ Hazleton
1.29″ Mt. Vernon
1.28″ Atkins
1.26″ Hiawatha
1.26″ Dyersville
1.23″ Edgewood
1.20″ Lamont
1.20″ Center Point
1.19″ Manchester
1.18″ Farley
1.14″ West Branch
1.11″ Marion
1.09″ Monona
1.00″ Belle Plaine
0.90″ Decorah
0.87″ Postville
0.84″ Aurora
0.83″ Vinton
0.82″ Elkader
0.76″ Reinbeck
0.64″ Waukon
0.64″ Williamsburg
0.62″ Parnell
0.58″ Cedar Falls
0.55″ Denver
0.51″ Guttenberg
0.50″ Lowden
0.47″ Waverly



The rain tapers off late tonight and early Wednesday morning across eastern Iowa. We might have some mist or drizzle Thursday morning with areas of fog. A few light showers are possible Friday afternoon. Saturday appears to be another soggy, breezy and cool day. Here is the potential rain for Saturday. Some locations could exceed 2″ in parts of eastern Iowa.


One of the best places to be in the fall to see fall colors is New England. When I went to college in Vermont it was always so beautiful everywhere you looked this time of year. Take a look at this photo taken in New Hampshire (just east of Vermont).

The above photo was posted on Earthsky.org

National High and Low Temperature Tuesday, October 10, 2017

95 at Bainbridge, FL
95 at Marianna, FL

-2 at Laramie, WY


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