Weekend Weather Radar Outage

 UPDATE October 20, 2017

The previously scheduled outage of the Des Moines Radar has been postponed due to the potential of severe weather on Saturday. The upgrade will be rescheduled at a later date.


Starting Saturday, October 21, 2017, the National Weather Service radar for the Des Moines office will be out of service. The outage is set to last five days.


This outage is planned in order to upgrade certain technological features. The National Weather Service is currently progressing through its Service Life Extension Program, or SLEP, to update radar stations across the country. During the process, obsolete technology is set to be replaced which will increase radar function. These updates will keep the radar system functional through the 2030s.

Nearby radar locations for eastern Iowa to be utilized during the outage include the Quad Cities and La Crosse, Wisconsin offices.

The radar in the Quad Cities is next in line for upgrades after the Des Moines radar.

For more information about the planned radar updates, visit the Radar Operations Center SLEP page here.




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