May 7, 1964 Waterloo Tornado

On this day in 1964, a tornado moved through Waterloo injuring 27 people. The tornado was rated and F-2

Below is the information from the National Weather Service in Des Moines. Click on the text to enlarge.

The map below shows the path of the storm as it traveled southeast dissipating near Raymond. Click map to enlarge.

The information below is the specifics from the F-2 tornado in Waterloo from Storm Events Database.

The chart below shows there were other tornadoes that day and damaging wind storms. Looks like it a wild and scary day.


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Big Trouble on the Big Island

The youngest but most active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii erupted Thursday, May 3.

Kilauea erupted following an earthquake centered east of the volcano itself.

In the past week alone, there have been hundreds of earthquakes in the southeastern part of the island.

The ground in a nearby neighborhood opened up, creating a fissure in the Leilani Estates area. Hot, molten rock flew from the opening.

Sulfur dioxide and hot steam also emerged out of the fissure. Multiple fissures would form away from the crater in the coming days. Once the magma erupts from the fissures, anyone near the opening would be in danger. Magma can and will destroy nearly everything in it’s path. In addition to the lava flow and sulfur dioxide gas, nearby residents must be on alert for wildfires.

Numerous houses have been damaged and even more people evacuated the Leilani Estates area due to the eruption.

Kilauea has actually been erupting since the early 1980s. That makes it the longest-erupting volcano on planet earth.

NBC Nightly News video from Sunday, May 6, 2017 (click to view)

For more photos of the Kilauea eruption, click here.


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Dust Devil this Weekend


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