Tornado Warnings

May and June are the peak months for severe weather in Iowa. More than 50% of the tornadoes occur in these two months.

So far this month all of the action, when it comes to tornado warnings, has been across the southern part of the state. The map below shows all of the tornado warnings this year.

I am going to take this one step further. The map below shows when the last tornado warnings were issued across Iowa, per county. The dark blue areas show the last tornado warning in 2002. The very small white areas have not had a tornado warning from 2002 until now. The circled area in Winneshiek County has not had a tornado warning since 2002.

Sticking with Winneshiek County, here is a look at all of the tornadoes in the county since accurate records have been kept beginning in 1950 through 2016. Notice where the dark blue area is on the map above is the same location of an F3 tornado. It was July 19, 1994 when the F3 tornado traveled 23 miles and was 150 yards wide. Even though there has not been a warning lately, it doesn’t mean severe weather, a tornado, has not impacted the area.



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