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GOES East, or what was GOES16, is an AMAZING satellite. It can see so many things in such detail. Here are just a few images from the last 2 days.

Starting with this image. It shows Africa on the right side of the image and the United States on the left. You can see the dust from the Sahara Desert in the light brown color. It was moving west in the upper levels of the atmosphere.

The next image is a different channel and is able to see where the hot spots are from wildfires. The wildfires on this image show up as black spots.

This image is really cool. It was captured Thursday morning. It clearly shows the river valley fog in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The last image is from Friday afternoon. The smoke in central Iowa was moving east and was over eastern Iowa during the evening. The smoke originated from the wildfires mentioned above in the mountains to our west.


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