Tracking the Tropics: Two Systems Potentially Impacting US

Right now, we are in the heart of the hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean.  The climatological peak of hurricane season is September 10th.   Sure enough, as close as we are, things are active in the Atlantic AND Pacific.

In the Atlantic, all eyes are on Florence (and two systems behind that one, along with several waves in Africa).  As of 9 PM Saturday evening, Florence was a strong Tropical Storm, tracking west.

The forecast has been consistent in bringing this storm near, or into the United States east coast by the middle and end of next week.  There’s a strong high pressure that will anchor over the northern Atlantic, and steer this system toward the US.  With the high, and the hurricane, anchored to the east, our weather pattern will become “blocked,” which means we will see several days of the same type of weather if things work out the way they are forecast now.

We are also tracking Hurricane Olivia in the eastern Pacific Ocean.  Right now, it’s a Category 1 hurricane, and is forecast to weaken as it heads toward the Hawaiian islands.  Keep in mind, Hawaii is just recovering from being impacted by Hurricane Lane.


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on September 8, 2018

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