National Heat Stroke Prevention Day

July 31st is National Heat Stroke Prevention Day. Heat stroke is the most severe of the heat-related illnesses and it can be deadly.

On average, more than 35 children die in hot cars every year in the United States. As of July 31, 2018 more than 20 children died in hot cars so far this year. Children’s body temperature rises three to five times faster than an adult’s.

It only takes minutes for a locked or closed car to heat up. Within 10 minutes, a car can warm up to 20°. The inside of the car continues to heat up even if you leave the windows cracked.

Remember –  it does not need to be extremely warm outside for your vehicle to warm up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests not only checking the backseat for children and pets, but to also lock vehicles to avoid children getting into and potentially getting stuck in a hot car.

Heat stroke does not only happen for children. Adults, especially many who work outdoors, can also experience the potentially deadly illness. Even county fair or outdoor festival goers should know ways to avoid heatstroke and other heat illnesses.

For more information on hot cars and heatstroke from the Iowa DOT, click here.

For more information on heat illnesses, click here and here.

If you are interested in raising awareness, you can find some social media posts here.


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This post was written by Rachael Peart on July 31, 2018

Hot, Hot, Hot

Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect for the entire KWWL viewing area Friday.  Whether it’s an advisory or a warning, bottom line is…it’s going to be HOT.

We’ve been through a couple bouts of high heat over the last couple months, so we are accustomed to staying safe.  Number one — be sure you’re hydrated.  Here are a few more tips:

Also, very important, and should go without saying, don’t live kids or pets in a car..even “just for a few minutes.”  Just check out how quickly vehicles can warm up when the temperature is 90°.  Forecast highs are in the middle and upper 90s.


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on June 28, 2018

Summer Heat Rolls On

We’ve got one more day in our latest heat wave.  Monday’s temperatures will be in the middle 80s in northern Iowa, where they are closer to the cold front.

Farther south, temperatures will be in the lower to middle 90s, with Heat Index values 100° to 105°+ at times.



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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on June 17, 2018

Heat Ridge

Friday is the start of our next heat wave. Highs are forecast to reach the low to mid 90s with the heat index from 95-105. Isolated storms are possible across northeast Iowa.

The upper level ridge is right over Iowa with the hot weather under it and to the west.   Along the north part of the ridge will be a path where several rounds of storms are forecast to track.


The map below shows the high rain amounts possible during the next five days, roughly along that path.

The map below shows the potential area for showers and storms. Part of far northeast Iowa has a slight chance for storms on and off through Saturday night. The best chances would be Friday night and Saturday night.


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This post was written by Schnack on June 14, 2018

Ending our Stretch of 90+

After today, cooler air tracks into eastern Iowa. But, not before this heat wave goes down in the history books. Daily record highs were broken across the Big Four over the Memorial Day weekend.

This was the longest stretch of 90°+ during the month of May in Waterloo since 1934. Dust Bowl, anyone? Also known as the “Dirty Thirties”, several rounds of drought plagued the United States during the 1930s.

In 1934, the Waterloo area saw four days of 90°+ that May, like we did in May 2018.

Dubuque saw two days in a row of 90°+ this month while Cedar Rapids and Iowa City both also saw four days of 90°+ for May 2018.

Normal highs this time of year run in the 70s. Cooler air is on the way starting midweek.


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This post was written by Rachael Peart on May 29, 2018

Record Heat

No doubt about it, it’s been an unusually warm Memorial Day weekend across eastern Iowa.  Here are the high temperatures from across the area:

Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City all broke records.  Some of those records were more than 100 years old!

These temperatures are unusual for May, but to put this into perspective, it hasn’t been this warm in our neck of the woods since 2012 and 2013.  Last time temperatures were this warm:

Waterloo: September 10, 2013 97°
Dubuque: July 25, 2012 101°
Cedar Rapids: September 10, 2013 97°
Iowa City: September 10, 2013 99°

The heat is not going to let up as we head into the Memorial Day holiday itself, with more record heat likely.  Fortunately, the humidity levels won’t be terrible.  If this were toward the middle of summer where we had corn at its peak, this would be more unbearable for us.


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on May 27, 2018

Heat Index near 95°

The high temperatures will warm the next few days reaching the mid to upper 80s. The humidity level also increases as dew points get into the upper 60s. Combine these two and you get the heat index as high as 95 Friday and Saturday. This is our first round of heat and humidity this year. Use caution in the heat. On average, it is the number one weather related killer.


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This post was written by Schnack on May 22, 2018

2017 Forecast to be in Top Three Warmest Years on Record

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicts that 2017 will rank in the warmest years on record. This year may rank second or third.

Temperature average Jan-Oct 2017

2017 was not an El Nino year. Therefore, the WMO anticipates it will be the warmest year without the impact of El Nino on record.

2017 is represented by the far right grey line

We’ve seen multiple devastating hurricanes and other weather events during 2017. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria all reached major hurricane strength. NOAA forecast an above average hurricane season earlier this year.

NOAA’s 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Prediction (May 2017)

It seemed as if there was a point when there was a new hurricane or tropical system in the Atlantic. That’s because 2017 has seen six major hurricanes, 10 hurricanes and 17 named storms (as of November 7, 2017).

2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Data (does not include information on “Rina”)

This year also featured devastating droughts, floods and fires. 2016 holds the title of warmest year on record.

For the full report from WMO outlining their findings, click here.


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This post was written by Rachael Peart on November 8, 2017

Too Many Children are Being Left in a Hot Car

On July 15, a 3 yr was left in a hot car and died. So far this year 21 children have died in a hot car. ALWAYS check the back of the car.

Map above courtesy:


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This post was written by Schnack on July 17, 2017

Dangerous Heat

A Heat Advisory is in effect for parts of eastern Iowa for the rest of the afternoon. The heat indices are expected to exceed 100 degrees. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

DO NOT leave a child or animal in the car in this heat…even if you leave the window open a little…DON’T do it.  It can be deadly for them.


Too much heat is dangerous. Last year 94 people died, across the US, due to the heat. Use caution as the heat continues through the week.



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This post was written by Schnack on June 13, 2017