Monday Sundogs

The fresh fallen snow from Sunday night, coupled with the blowing snow and cold Monday and breaks in the clouds late in the day, many of us saw sundogs across eastern Iowa.  Here are some of the viewer photos sent in Monday.

Jodi Zimmer – Waterloo


Hannah Renae – La Porte City


Amber Barber


Brandi Thompson – Waverly


Carey Cowell – Plainfield


David Stuber


Deb Lyon – Buchanan County


Donna Rosonke – New Hampton


Vicki Van Hauen – Cedar Falls


Toni Hinrichs – Nashua


Roxy Anderson – Cedar Falls


Mike Weber – Dike


Lisa Hovey – Waterloo


Joseph Warrior


Laurie DeGroote – Butler County


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on January 15, 2018

Full Moon Tonight

Moon tonight near Ackley (Brian Hahn)


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Saturday Sun Dogs

This weather goes to the “sun dogs.”  A lot of times when we get really cold temperatures in the winter, we see sun dogs around sunrise and/or sunset.  This happens when the light from the sun refracts off of ice crystals in the upper levels of the atmosphere, generally within cirrus clouds.

Here are some photos set in from viewers.

Jenny Emergy – Waucoma


Karlee Ihde – West Union


Misty Morrissey – Fort Atkinson


Barb Schwamman – Osage, IA


Joyce Meyer – Spillville


Bob Hemesath – Festina


Barb Schwamman – Osage, IA

Jason Guyer – West Union


Ashley Haw – Osage


Lori Luebbers – Sumner


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Eastern Iowa Snow Monday

Many in eastern Iowa saw snow beginning late Monday morning.

Decorah late Monday morning

Near the Dubuque County Fair Grounds (Virginia Castillo)

Guttenberg snow Monday afternoon (Rod McLane)

The snow continued into the afternoon and mostly cleared the area before sunset Monday.

Cedar Falls (Kyle Kiel)

Graupel in Jesup (Carol Wilson)

Durango (Michele Bussan)

Lime Springs (Mike Danahue)

Totals ranged from a dusting to 1.0 inch for most. Snow totals of 1.0 inch in Dorchester and 2.0 inches in Dubuque county were also reported.


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Sunday Sunset Snapshots

We had a beautiful weekend of weather across eastern Iowa.  With some mid and high level clouds in the sky, the sunset on Sunday was excellent.  Here are some photos from KWWL viewers.

Marisa Krivachek – Calmar


Kenetta Ladage – Orange, IA


Leslie Miller – Waukon


Mike Knowles – Dubuque


Mike Weinard – Iowa City


Morgan McMillan – Waukon


Nena and Mark Winter – Waucoma


Sheila Rae – Postville


Stephanie Kleiner – Waterloo


Steve Kofron – Hudson


Sydney Alber – Eldorado


Taylor Kuennen – West Union


Timmy Vakranoff – Anamosa


Wendy Perry – Cedar Falls


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Northern Lights Tuesday Night

On Tuesday evening and night, parts of eastern Iowa may have looked north and seen the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights forecast Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Here is a photo of the northern lights in Bryant in Clinton County from Tuesday night.


The forecast for Wednesday evening viewing is similar for eastern Iowa:

Northern Lights forecast Wednesday, November 8, 2017

If you would like to try to see the Northern Lights, look north tonight in areas away from city lights.


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Weather’s effect on Foliage

It is that time of the year again. Temperatures are cooler. Days are shorter. It is also a little more colorful, as well.

This year, leaves across eastern Iowa peaked a little later than normal.

There are many reasons why this happened. It all boils down to one major factor: the weather. Our weather patterns in September and October influence just how bright the colors of the trees get…and when they reach their peak for viewing.

In a period of drought, leaves may fall before developing any color. Strong winds (from tropical storms, thunderstorms or a potent front) may also leave the trees to the same fate.

Above normal temperatures postpone the fall color and subsequently the leaves falling. Each season’s foliage is different due to the combination of dry and wet days leading up to the time of peak color.

With cooler temperatures, expect more color and then more leaves to rake across the area.

For more information, click here.

To find the latest fall color report, click here.



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Friday Photos

Jessica Weissenfluh near Waucoma

Ann Marie Lusson Waterloo

Laura Frisch Hammersley Rural Black Hawk County

Patty Mechtel Sumner-Fredericksburg H.S.


John Daniels Iowa County

Steve Kofron Hudson

Dave Lau

Marilyn Schaufenbel near Waverly

Darrell and Juli Dall-Viet Waukon

Stacy Guyer-Oakland West Union

Mike Graber Cedar Rapids


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Warm Weather…For Now

It was another warm fall day with high temperatures in the 70s. Normal highs this time of year are near 60.  We have a few more days with high temperatures in the 70s and then it turns cooler next week.

Here is a list of how many days Waterloo had a high temperature of 70 degrees or warmer from Oct 1-17 in the last 10 years.



We will be ahead of a cold front Friday and Saturday. A gusty south wind pushes high temperatures in the 70s again. The front if forecast to cross the state Saturday and bring with it a chance of showers/storms. The storm chances ends Saturday night once the front moves east of Iowa. Rain amounts forecast are 0.50″ to 1.00″. Amounts near 1″ will be with any storms, if they develop.  The map below shows the forecast position of the cold front Saturday morning.


The weather is quiet in tropics and nothing is forecast to develop in a couple of days.




National High and Low Temperature Wednesday, October 18, 2017

102 at Ocotillo Wells, CA

14 at Bodie State Park, CA
14 at Lake George, CO


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Fall and Sunset Photos

Several KWWL viewers sent us pictures of fall and/or the sunset from this weekend.  If you ever have a photo to share, feel free to do so on our KWWL or KWWL Storm Track 7 Facebook pages, or email us at

Jared Steven – Lansing


April Martin – Hazleton


Betsy Stahl – Lansing


Brandon Walker – Hudson


Darwin Johnson – near Postville


Dawn Blaser-Rise — Dubuque


Jessica Kruth


Jessica Ricchio – Oelwein Lake


Pat Graetz Erickson – Galena, IL


Debra and Rick Heins -Postville and Tri-City Golf Course in Luana


Sheila Rae- Decorah


Sheila Rae – Waukon


Stephanie Kleiner – McGregor


David Quiram – Parnell


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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on October 15, 2017