2016 November 28th Tornadoes

It has been one year since multiple tornadoes touched down in Iowa on a late November afternoon. A cold front tracked through Iowa on November 28, 2016 and fired off a few tornadoes in central and eastern Iowa.  Here are the storm reports from last year:

EF-0 tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service. To read more on those confirmed tornadoes, click here (scroll to the bottom of the page for info on November tornadoes).

November tornadoes are not unlikely, but much less common than in the warmer months. Since 2015, there have been several tornadoes that have touched down in Iowa in November.

November tornadoes in Iowa for 2015 and 2016.

With quiet weather expected through the rest of the week, it looks like the streak of November tornadoes will end with a very quiet month for 2017.

For additional analyses and information on the tornadoes one year ago, click here.


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Iowa’s Largest November Tornado Outbreaks

When you think of November, your mind does not really think about tornadoes.  However, they do happen  here in Iowa. In fact, just last year there were five tornadoes on the 28th.

Veterans Day 2017 marks the two year anniversary of the largest tornado outbreak during the month of November for Iowa.   November 12th marks the 12 year anniversary of the second largest November tornado outbreak for Iowa.

A strong area of low pressure in Kansas on the morning of 11/11/15 moved northeast into Iowa, which lead to 19 tornadoes across the state.  (Tornado map courtesy of Tornado History Project)

One of those tornadoes tracked through portions of Keokuk and Iowa counties.  It was an EF-1 that caused damage to several out buildings and trees.  Click here for more information.

The second largest tornado outbreak in Iowa history for the month of November occurred on 11/12/2005.  12 tornadoes tracked through the state, as low pressure and a cold front moved through.

While none of the 12 tornadoes tracked through the KWWL viewing area, there was a strong F-3 tornado that killed one person in the town of Stratford.  Read more about the severe weather event from the National Weather Service in Des Moines.



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Iowa Tornado Outbreak – Nov. 9, 1975

The third largest November tornado outbreak in Iowa history occurred on November 9, 1975, when nine tornadoes touched down across the state.  Click here for some of the storm reports from that day, courtesy of NOAA.

That day, there were five EF-1 tornadoes, three EF-2 tornadoes, and one EF-3 tornado.  The EF-3 tornado caused quite a bit of damage in Black Hawk County.

Seven people were injured across the state.  Fortunately, there were no fatalities reported.

This is the storm that caused the UNI Dome to collapse.  Here’s the storm report from Cedar Falls.

Here’s a look at the surface weather map from that morning in 1975.

An area of low pressure in Oklahoma rode along a stationary front that was draped over southeast Iowa and produced tornadoes that afternoon and evening.


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Hurricane Harvey as a Category 4 Storm


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EF-1 Tornado in McGregor

NWSChat – NOAA’s National Weather Service


OVERVIEW...A strong wind producing system moved through
northeast Iowa on the afternoon of July 20, 2017. Very 
isolated tornadoes occurred in association with this

A Tornado Warning was issued for northern Clayton county
including McGregor, IA at 5:54 pm.  

Rating:                 EF-1
Estimated peak wind:    110 mph
Path length /Statute/:  5.7 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   400 yards
Fatalities:             0 
Injuries:               2 - minor

Start date:             Jul 19 2017 
Start time:             6:08 pm 
Start location:         5 miles west of McGregor, IA 

End date:               Jul 19 2017 
End time:               6:16 pm 
End location:           McGregor, IA


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EF-1 Tornado Tuesday Evening

The National Weather Service has confirmed the tornado near Conroy Tuesday evening was rated an EF-1 with peak winds estimated at 105 mph.

So far, no reports of injuries.

3 miles NE of Williamsburg [Iowa Co.]

TORNADO of EF1 , 05:35 PM CDT Tuesday July 11. The tornado touched down northeast of Williamsburg and produced damage to mainly trees and crops along its 4.6 mile path. Its max width was 60 yards. Two houses sustained damage to windows and siding. One farm outbuilding lost part of its roof, and another was partially destroyed. The tornado lifted at 5:54 pm.


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June 28th Tornadoes Across Eastern Iowa

June 28th was an active afternoon and evening across eastern Iowa, with several severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings across the KWWL viewing area.

Officially, there were four tornadoes confirmed in eastern Iowa.  The first one was the Central City/Prairieburg tornado, which the National Weather Service survey crews found produced EF-2 damage.

Storm Track 7 was tracking this tornado on Doppler Radar, and it was showing debris.  Below is the radar reflectivity, velocity, and tornado debris signature from around 6:50 PM, when the tornado was near heavily damaged Prairieburg.

The reds are the particles the radar is picking up moving away from the radar site (located in Davenport), and the greens are moving toward the site.  When you get them close together, that indicates rotation, and where the tornado was located.

This is the correlation coefficient, where we look for debris within the storm.  Basically, this is showing us the difference between meteorological properties, such as rain and hail (the warmer colors), and the non-meteorologist properties, such as dirt, tree branches, etc. (cooler colors).  You can see a clear sign of debris right over Prairieburg.

Tornado #2: North of Monticello

Tornado #3: Oxford Junction

A brief, weak tornado was caught on camera near Vinton.  Emergency management reports that there was minor damage to a machine shed.  The National Weather Service did not send a crew there, due to no other damage being reported.


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Preliminary survey results from this morning: preliminary EF-2 rating for tornado path including Central City and Prairieburg. The National Weather Service survey crew will be back out tomorrow to complete the survey and report more specific findings.



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Strong Storms Possible Wednesday and Thursday

Welcome to the first full day of summer 2017. The season and the day started very tranquil. However, with a warm front approaching from the southwest through the day, things start to change up. Showers and storms move through the state this morning and possibly again for later in the day. Some of those storms may produce strong winds and large hail.

Winds increase in strength from a southerly direction. Dew points and humidity increase through the day, as well. Highs today reach near 80° closer to the Minnesota line to the mid-80s in our southern towns. A breezy afternoon is on the way.

Overnight lows will not cool much thanks to the increased humidity – only getting into the mid to upper 60s.

Humidity continues into Thursday. With us in the wake of the warm front Thursday and the higher humidity, it will feel like summer.  That does not last very long as a cold front will sweep through eastern Iowa tomorrow. That second front brings more storm possibilities to us…and potentially some strong to severe storms.


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Severe Weather to our West

Active weather to our west this evening. No severe weather in eastern Iowa tonight. Storms late tonight should remain below severe limits.


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