EF-1 Tornado in Winthrop Saturday Evening


Brief tornado occurred Saturday evening in Buchanan
County Iowa.

Winthrop TORNADO...

RATING:                 EF-1
FATALITIES:             0
INJURIES:               0

START DATE:             June 09 2018  
START TIME:             9:36 PM CDT 
START LOCATION:         6.0 SE Winthrop / Buchanan / Iowa 
START LAT/LON:          42.4419 / -91.6231

END DATE:               June 09 2018 
END TIME:               9:37 PM CDT 
END LOCATION:           6.0 SE Winthrop / Buchanan / Iowa 
END LAT/LON:            42.4430 / -91.6219  

An EF-1 tornado touched down southeast of Winthrop, IA. A house
was damaged. Garage door failed and roof came off in the wind. 
Some tree damage was also noted in the area. 


EF0...WEAK......65 TO 85 MPH
EF1...WEAK......86 TO 110 MPH
EF2...STRONG....111 TO 135 MPH
EF3...STRONG....136 TO 165 MPH
EF4...VIOLENT...166 TO 200 MPH
EF5...VIOLENT...>200 MPH

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A severe thunderstorm moved across Tama County with heavy rain, lightning, gusty winds and large hail. All the reports and photos we have gotten this evening were from Traer.

Here is the warning issued at 4:34 PM…

Here is a look at the radar…

Golf ball size or maybe a little large were some of the reports. There might be some damage to vehicles and the roof of you home or business. You might want to have them checked out to make sure there was no damage.


Trista Zimp

Anthony Kinkade

Edward Hatcher

Jennifer Ambrose

Michelle Siversten

Bill Dedic (a view from Waterloo)

Melissa Potter

Scott & Karla Weber


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Eastern Iowa Tornadoes – May 25, 2008

May 25, 2008 was an active day for severe weather across eastern Iowa, with six tornadoes being confirmed across the KWWL viewing area.  Of note was the EF-5 tornado impacting Parkersburg, New Hartford and Dunkerton with estimated peak wind speeds up to 205 mph(to watch our special report “Tornado Turnaround”, click here), and the EF-3 tornado near Fairbank and Hazleton, with peak wind speeds up to 160 mph.

There was also an EF-1 tornado south of Lamont in Buchanan County, as well as an EF-1 south of Petersburg in Dubuque County.  Another EF-1 touched down near Interstate 80 in western Iowa County, fortunately not impacting many people.  And finally, an EF-0 was reported north of North Liberty.  To read the full assessments from the NWS Quad Cities, click here.

  1.  The tornado touched down 2 miles south of Aplington, before growing to 3/4 of a mile wide as it moved to the south side of Parkersburg.  300 homes and businesses were destroyed.  Seven people were killed, with many others injured.  From there, the tornado went down Highway 57 and tore through the northern part of New Hartford, where it killed two people, and damaged and destroyed many homes.  The Sinclair Elevator and the Oak Hill Cemetery took a direct hit.  Read the full assessment from NWS Des Moines here.
  2. The EF-2 tornado in Buchanan County touched down near Fairbank.  The tornado was 0.7 miles wide and was on the ground for 32.4 miles.  Three homes were destroyed, with many others damaged, along with several downed trees and power lines.  On the south side of Hazleton, many mobile homes were destroyed.  Three people were injured
  3. EF-1 tornado south of Lemont was about 100 yards wide with an estimated peak wind speed of 90 mph, and was on the ground for 2 miles.  There were many outbuildings and trees that were damaged.  No injuries or deaths were reported.
  4. An EF-1 was confirmed south of Petersburg in Delaware county.  The tornado was 250 yards wide with estimated wind speeds of 90 mph, and was on the ground for 7.75 miles.  Trees and outbuildings were damaged, along with more than 1,000 trees destroyed in New Wine Park.  No injuries/deaths were reported.
  5. An EF-0 was reported north of North Liberty in Johnson County. Estimated wind speeds were 85 mph, and it was 100 yards wide with a path of 0.1 miles.  Many trees were uprooted, and several homes were damaged.
  6. And EF-1 tornado was reported near Interstate 80 in Iowa County.  Estimated wind speeds were 90 mph, and it was 250 yard wide and was on the ground for 6 miles.  No injuries or fatalities were reported.  A grain bin near Victor was blown over, and a tree fell on a mobile home.  Many machine sheds were also damaged.

Here is a full list of the storm reports, mesoscale discussion, watches and outlooks for the nation that day.


The Enhanced Fujita scale is used to estimate wind speed based on the damage from the tornado.  They are not measured wind speeds.



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Tornado Warnings

May and June are the peak months for severe weather in Iowa. More than 50% of the tornadoes occur in these two months.

So far this month all of the action, when it comes to tornado warnings, has been across the southern part of the state. The map below shows all of the tornado warnings this year.

I am going to take this one step further. The map below shows when the last tornado warnings were issued across Iowa, per county. The dark blue areas show the last tornado warning in 2002. The very small white areas have not had a tornado warning from 2002 until now. The circled area in Winneshiek County has not had a tornado warning since 2002.

Sticking with Winneshiek County, here is a look at all of the tornadoes in the county since accurate records have been kept beginning in 1950 through 2016. Notice where the dark blue area is on the map above is the same location of an F3 tornado. It was July 19, 1994 when the F3 tornado traveled 23 miles and was 150 yards wide. Even though there has not been a warning lately, it doesn’t mean severe weather, a tornado, has not impacted the area.



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F Scale vs EF Scale

This month we are highlighting some memorable weather events in eastern Iowa. Namely, we are remembering May tornadoes that made a lasting impact in some of our communities. However, what do you know of the way tornadoes are rated?

Half a century ago this month, an F5 tornado tracked through Charles City. It was one of two F5 tornadoes that day in eastern Iowa. The other tracked through the Oelwein and Maynard areas.

A little more recently – actually 10 years ago this month – an EF5 tornado tracked through Parkersburg, New Hartford and the surrounding areas.

The difference between these two rankings – F5 and EF5 – is time.

The EF, or Enhanced Fujita scale, went into operation in 2007. This is the scale currently used by meteorologists. Previously, the F, or Fujita scale, was used to rank tornado damage intensity. Click here to find the parameters used for the F and EF scale.

Regardless of which scale was used, the three tornadoes listed above were among the strongest and most destructive in Iowa history. Even EF0 or EF1 tornadoes can cause extensive damage. In 2017, an EF1 struck McGregor in Clayton County. You can read more on that tornado here. In fact, most of the tornadoes in 2017 were ranked EF0 or EF1. For more information on the 2017 tornado climatology, click here.


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EF-0 Tornado near Fennimore, WI

A brief tornado touched down north and northeast of
Fennimore Wisconsin during the early afternoon hours on Wednesday.
Damage was mainly to farm buildings.

.Fennimore Tornado...

Rating:                 EF-0
Estimated peak wind:    75 mph
Path length /Statute/:  1.5 miles
Path width /Maximum/:   70 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start date:             May 9 2018 
Start time:             131 CDT
Start location:         2 N Fennimore
Start Lat/Lon:          43.0335 / -90.6480

End date:               May 9 2018
End time:               133 CDT
End location:           2 NNE Fennimore
End_lat/lon:            43.0319 / -90.6194

SURVEY SUMMARY: Based on information from local Emergency
Management, including maps and photos, a tornado produced
damage to farms near and along Golf Road, with debris
thrown into nearby trees and into the fields. Times and path
have been estimated and may be adjusted.

EF Scale: The Enhanced Fujita Scale Classifies
Tornadoes into the following categories.

EF0...Weak......65 to 85 mph
EF1...Weak......86 to 110 mph
EF2...Strong....111 to 135 mph
EF3...Strong....136 to 165 mph
EF4...Violent...166 To 200 mph
EF5...Violent...>200 mph


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May 7, 1964 Waterloo Tornado

On this day in 1964, a tornado moved through Waterloo injuring 27 people. The tornado was rated and F-2

Below is the information from the National Weather Service in Des Moines. Click on the text to enlarge.

The map below shows the path of the storm as it traveled southeast dissipating near Raymond. Click map to enlarge.

The information below is the specifics from the F-2 tornado in Waterloo from Storm Events Database.

The chart below shows there were other tornadoes that day and damaging wind storms. Looks like it a wild and scary day.


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Dust Devil this Weekend


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EF-0 in Olin Thursday night

Olin Tornado…


Rating:                 EF-0

Estimated Peak Wind:    75 mph

Path Length /statute/:  0.1 mile

Path Width /maximum/:   10 yards

Fatalities:             0

Injuries:               0


Start Date:             May 05 2018

Start Time:             11:15 pm CDT

Start Location:         0.4 NW Olin / Jones / Iowa

Start Lat/Lon:          42.0012 / -91.1489


End Date:               May 05 2018

End Time:               11:17 pm CDT

End Location:           0.4 NW Olin / Jones / Iowa

End Lat/Lon:            42.0013 / -91.1490


An EF-0 tornado touched down northwest of Olin, IA. A 150 pound

fire hydrant was displaced 15-20 ft and a metal shed was

lofted 70 ft away.


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Working Together

This morning I was in Cedar Rapids at the Linn County Emergency Management Agency. The National Weather Service Quad Cities, Emergency Management Agency and local media got together, as well as local Police and Fire Departments, to work on severe weather planning for special events…mainly outdoor. The workshop was to help event planners, around Linn County, make good decisions on events when it comes to severe weather. The representatives from the communities attending were able to take away a good start to a severe weather plan.  We also went through a severe weather scenario and how each community would deal with the weather at the venue. Everyone should have a plan…even you at home. Do you have a severe weather plan in place for your work or home? Plan ahead while it is sunny out.



Linn County Emergency Management Agency

National Weather Service Quad Cities


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