June Rainfall

As you all know, June was an abnormally wet month.  Part of the reason for all the heavy rain, was that much of the month was spent with high humidity (high dew points).

Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City’s rainfall totals for the month of June made it into the Top 10 wettest Junes on record.  Dubuque’s June 2018 rain total is the 18th wettest June on record.


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More Daylight

The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. In about one month the sunset will be setting after 7:00.


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Probability of a White Christmas

The question on many people’s mind these days, “Are we going to have a white Christmas.”  Well, we can tell you that some of the computer model guidance goes out to Christmas, and the data is all over the place, so it is too early to have a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  The best we can do right now, is show the historical probability of a white Christmas for Iowa.  This information is coming from the NOAA and NCEI (National Center for Environmental Information).  This is data pulled from 1981-2010.


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October 2017 Review

We’ve wrapped up October 2017 but where do we stand, weather-wise? These are a few stats from the Big Four of eastern Iowa:

It was a warm October but also very wet for parts of the area. A few areas saw a trace of snow in the last week of the month.




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November Normals and Records

Welcome to November. This is the last full month of meteorological fall. As a reminder, we set the clocks back one hour on November 5 to mark the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Here are some records and normals for Waterloo and Dubuque for the month of November.


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This post was written by Rachael Peart on November 1, 2017

Unseasonably Warm February Temperatures

It felt more like May than February today.

It’s no secret this month has been warm.  Several daily high temperature records for February 17th were broken across the state of Iowa.

It’s not often that it reaches 70° in February across eastern Iowa.  Here are the number of times it’s reached 70°+ (including today) in the big four, as well as the all time record high temperature for February on record.


We also found that Washington has reached 70° or warmer 7 times during February since 1921.  That number is now up to 8 as of today.

Another interesting fact about today…the difference between the low in the morning, and high during the day.  The difference for today all made the top ten in the big four.


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Snowfall Comparison

For many of us across eastern Iowa, it seems as through we’ve had a lot less snowfall than last season.  If you are thinking that, you’re correct.

Waterloo and Dubuque are the only cities that have an official snowfall observation.  Here’s a look at where our snowfall amounts stand compared to last season (through February 10th), and what we normally see the entire season.  We are just past the halfway point of winter.

Here’s a look at the measured amount of snow each winter season over the last 10 years for Waterloo and Dubuque.  Both cities have had quite a range of seasonal snowfalls.


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August 2016 Review

It was an overall warm, wet month of August across eastern Iowa.  Of course, the last week of the month was especially wet in our northern counties, where flash flooding lead to a rise in local rivers.

Here are the monthly reviews for Waterloo, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

ALO Monthly Review 2016

DBQ Monthly Review 2016

CR Monthly Review 2016

IC Monthly Review 2016


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Average Last Freeze

Saturday morning’s temperatures were COLD.  Lows dipped into the middle teens to lower 20s.

DMA Low Today3D

Early to mid April is generally the last freeze many of us see across eastern Iowa.  A “freeze” is considered 28° or colder.

Last freeze


Sunday’s temperatures will be warmer, but there will be a brief cool down.  The GOOD NEWS—warmer temperatures are in the near future.  Here’s the temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.



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Tumbling Weekend Temperatures

A surge of arctic air from Canada spilled into the Midwest over the weekend.  It took temperatures from the upper 20s to lower 30s Saturday morning, to the single digits and teens by the afternoon, and below zero throughout the evening and overnight.  Wind Chills were dangerously cold at -20° to -30°, which could lead to frostbite within a matter of minutes.

Wind Chill Chart

Wind Chill Chart

Here are a look at the low temperatures recorded across eastern Iowa Sunday morning (1/10/16).  The temperature in Decorah is not 100% accurate, as there were issues with the sensor overnight.

DMA Low Today3D

For the big four: Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Iowa City; these temperatures were the coldest in 10 to 11 months!

Coldest since


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