Saturday Snowfall

Here are the snowfall totals from Saturday morning into the early afternoon.

Town Amount
Waterloo 0.6
Dubuque 1.0
Cedar Rapids 1.8
Iowa City 1.8
2 NNE Cedar Rapids 1.7
2 WSW Iowa City 1.7
3 W Cedar Rapids 1.0
Anamosa 1.8
Belle Plaine 1.5
Cascade 1.0
Cedar Falls 0.8
Denver 0.6
Lowden 2.4
Mount Vernon 1.8
North Liberty 1.5
Solon 2.0
Springville 1.7
Williamsburg 1.0

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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on February 17, 2018

Snow Totals Thursday Night & Friday Morning

Here are the latest snowfall totals from Thursday night to Friday morning (9 AM) across eastern Iowa.  The heavier band of snow set up a little farther north than originally forecast, with a sharp cut-off to the south of Highway 20.

Town Amount
Waterloo (Airport) 6.0
Dubuque (Airport) 4.4
Cedar Rapids 3.2
Iowa City 3.0
1 SSE Waverly 3.0
Ainsworth 2.0
Allison 3.0
Anamosa 1 ENE 3.7
Aredale 3.0
Belle Plaine 1.0
Bluffton 4.0
Cascade 4.0
Cedar Falls 6.5
Center Point 0.6 NNW 3.4
Central City 6.7 W 4.0
Charles City 6.0
Clarksville 1.5
Coggon 4.2
Decorah 7.9 mi ENE 5.0
Delhi 8.0
Dickeyville, WI 2.8
Dubuque 2 WNW 4.8
Dubuque 3 SW  6.0
Durant 2.0
Edgewood 5.0
Eldora 7.0
Elizabeth, IL 4.4
Elk Run Heights 2.5
Elkader 3.0
Fayette 5.7
Fayette 2 NNW 5.5
Galena, IL 4.0
Grundy Center 5.5
Guttenberg 5.5
Hampton 4.5
Harpers Ferry 6.0
Ionia 2 W  4.0
Iowa Falls 8.5
KWWL-TV (Downtown Waterloo) 5.5
Lancaster, WI 2.5
Lawler 1.8
Lowden 2.6
Manchester 5.6
Monona 5.4
Monticello 4.0
Mount Vernon 3.0
Muscoda, WI 6.0
Nashua 4.0
New Hampton 6.0
New Hampton 0.4 SW 4.5
New Hampton COOP 4.5
Oelwein 5.5
Parnell 1.0
Parnell 0.1 WNW 1.0
Prairie du Chien 3.8
Prairie du Chien, WI 1 NW 3.0
St. Ansgar 3.2
Stanley 4 mi W 7.0
Stanwood 1.5
Strawberry Point 5.0
Toledo 2.5
Traer 3.5
Tripoli 5.2
Vinton 3.0
Volga 1 mi NE 6.5
Waterloo 1.0 mi SSE 4.8
Waukon 5.5
Wellman 1.3
West Union 4.5
Wyoming 4.0

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This post was written by Kyle Kiel on February 9, 2018

Accumulating Snow Monday

It’s the calm before the snow on this Super Bowl Sunday.  Tonight will be mainly clear, with lows dropping below zero across much of the KWWL viewing area.  Fortunately, the wind will be relatively light out of the northwest, turning south at 5 mph.

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for all counties Monday, excluding Winneshiek and Allamakee counties.  Those two counties will have 1-3″ of snow, with 3-6″ of snow across the rest of eastern Iowa.  A heavier band of snow will likely set up somewhere between Highway 30 and Interstate 80, where isolated higher amounts are possible.

The snow moves in by late morning, overspreading all of eastern Iowa during the afternoon.  This is when we are expecting the heaviest period of snow.  The snow will come to an end from west to east by early to mid evening.


Here’s the Storm Track 7 Snowfall Forecast:


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Seasonal Snowfall

It’s been a relatively tame winter season, as far as snowfall goes (as we know, it’s a different story with the temperatures).  The southern part of the United States have experienced a couple bouts of wintry weather.  Here in Eastern Iowa, Waterloo and Dubuque have received a little more than 9″ of snow.  Some portions of the south have received just a few inches less.

Here’s a look at the seasonal snowfall (so far) for the United States.


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Wednesday Sundogs

Many times in winter when we get very cold temperatures, we see sun dogs around sunrise and/or sunset.  This happens when the light from the sun refracts off of ice crystals in the upper levels of the atmosphere, generally within cirrus clouds.  That was the case Wednesday, where sundogs were seen at sunrise and sunset.

Here are some viewer pictures sent to us.

Eric Johnson – Waterloo

Amanda Smith – Evansdale

Bill Goecken Wellsburg

Brandi Thompson

Brittany Gronewold – Ackley

Cass Grey – Cedar Falls

Charles Dostale – Waterloo

Charlie & Judy Harrington Hewitt

Cheryl Schuster – West Union

Deann Fox – Stanley

Eric Johnson – Waterloo

Grace Stickfort – Cedar Falls

Jeff Stee – Clermont

Kyle Purk

Lynel Willis – Shell Rock

Meagan Slee

Melissa Ladesma – Waterloo

Nathan Folkerts Wellsburg

Schoshe Holmes – Hudson

Todd Buck – Highway 63

Vic Buckley – Waterloo

Zach Barnett


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Wintry Weather Thursday

The first day of astronomical winter is going to bring a mix of wintry weather across eastern Iowa.  Tonight, our sky will be mostly cloudy with lows dropping into the lower and middle 20s with a southeast wind 5-10 mph.  Thursday morning, there is the potential for freezing drizzle across eastern Iowa.  Although we aren’t expecting heavy precipitation, as you know, it does not take much of a glaze to cause some problems on the roads and sidewalks.  You might want to allow a little extra time for your morning drive.

Throughout the day, moisture will increase, leading to a light wintry mix across eastern Iowa.  It may initially start off as rain south of HWY30, but as temperatures cool throughout the afternoon, freezing drizzle will transition to a light wintry mix, and eventually snow.

North of HWY 20, the transition to snow will happen sooner.  That’s where light accumulations, up to an inch, are possible.  Most locations south of HWY 20 will have a trace of snow, and a light glaze of ice.


The evening commute will be more impacted, especially across the south.  Behind this system, colder air begins to filter in.  A few lingering flurries or snow showers are possible Friday.

There is a slight chance for snow, especially across southern Iowa on Sunday, and then a couple more chances next week.  Still some uncertainty on how those systems will impact Iowa, so stay tuned for further updates.


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Meteorological Winter

December 1st marks the beginning of Meteorological winter; the three coldest months out of the year climatologically.  (December, January, February)

The first few days of December will be above average, but by next week through the middle of the month, temperatures are forecast to be at or just below average.


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Northwest Low

Here is a look at a large area of low pressure spinning off the northwest coast on Wednesday November 8.

Click here to see the animation of the above image.


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Record Breaking Heat

It was a record breaking weekend as far as the warm temperatures went across portions of eastern Iowa.  Record high temperatures were broken both Saturday and Sunday. (September 23rd and 24th).

Record highs will not be in jeopardy Monday, but it will still be much warmer than average.  More fall-like temperatures are forecast by the middle of the work week.


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Hazy Sky in Eastern Iowa

UPDATE at 8:00 PM: The smoke has become more widespread this evening and is the result of the poor air quality across parts of eastern Iowa.


Did you notice the haze in the sky across portions of eastern Iowa?  It’s being caused by smoke from wildfires in western United States and western Canada.  The smoke was brought down with help from a cold front that moved in from north to south across the area.


Here is a satellite view from the high resolution GOES-16 satellite.

Here is another vantage point from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Here’s an explanation from the National Weather Service in Milwaukee.  The new satellite allows us to analyze different products.

A KWWL viewer reported smelling smoke in Dubuque, where the haze was most prominent in our area Thursday afternoon.  The Air Quality Index is in Moderate to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups range, which means most of us won’t be affected.  Those with lung diseases, older adults and younger children may be affected.



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